HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920


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Server Specification

  • Provides Scalable, Reliable, High-Performance Storage
  • Automated Data Duplication and Redundancy
  • Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Back Up To Exabytes Of Storage
  • Up to 250 MB/s Transfer Rate
  • 24*7 Tech Support
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The Ultrium 920 belongs to the top-ranking line of tape backup devices from StorageWorks family of Ultrium tape drives by HP. These half-height drives are designed using HP’s third-generation linear tape-open (LTO) technology. Server Basket offers these high-capacity and fast performing drives in both SAS and SCSI models. These drives are suitable for departmental and midrange servers, and can be used as internal as well as external drives. Their availability in multiple models and forms ensures accelerated performance for different workloads and applications. They can deliver compressed storage while storing and managing the data on a single cartridge. These tape drives consume less power but still provide high reliability without any disruptions in the network, and speedier data transfer rates. They bring many advanced features for the next level of data protection. The Ultrium 920 tapes support all the popular operating systems, and lead the roadmap for future technologies.

Compressed Storage Capacity with Ultrium 920

Get the benefits of compressed storage with the HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 drive. It can deliver a compressed storage capacity of 800 GB per cartridge, with a compressed data transfer capability of 432 GB in an hour, two and a half times faster than its previous generation. Compressed storage reduces transmission time, the need for hardware, and network bandwidth.

Manage and Store Data on a Single Cartridge

Ultrium 920 tape drive is a high-capacity drive that can store up to 1.6 TB of data on a single cartridge, owing to its compression ratio of 2:1. Its large capacity enables not only convenient storage, but also effective management of that data. It has HP’s Library and Tape Tools that make the drive’s installation and management easy to handle.

Maximum Reliability with Zero Network Interruption

The HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 tape drive presents enterprise-grade capacity and reliability. It consumes low power to ensure maximum reliability at reduced cost. HP’s durable design, ease of use even at full duty cycle, excellent LTO technology, and the most advanced security features help the drive deliver ultimate reliability without any disruptions in the network.

Low Power Consumption with Faster Data Transfer Rate

These drives are low in power consumption and enhance the server performance in DAS environments by removing the hiccups hindering the data transfer rates. They are considerably faster than their previous generation, with a compressed data transfer rate of 432GB per hour. Their variable adaptive tape speed technology matches their transfer rates to the host speed, and multiple transfer rates.

High Compliance with Leading Operating Systems

The HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 tape drives are highly compliant with a wide range of operating systems and servers, even with the blended system environments. They support all of the leading operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, United Linux, Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, and a few others.

Solid Roadmap for Future Generation Technology

These HP Ultrium drives offer a sound roadmap for the technology of future generations. These drives provide an ideal option for the protection of your investment in relation to your needs for backup and archiving. They are based on the LTO Ultrium format, an open standard that brings a clear-cut six-generation roadmap, without any compromise in performance or reliability.

Accelerated Performance with Multiple Drive Models

HP spearheaded the half-height Ultrium drive and supplied half-height and full-height models in each generation of the Ultrium drives. The 920 half-height Ultrium drives deliver the best balance of performance and capacity. Available in different models and form factors – SAS and SCSI models, internal, external, rack-mounted models, hot-swap, and array modules, these drives are designed for accelerated performance.

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