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Are you looking for a storage solution that could provide you with highly scalable storage capacity and availability? Take a look at affordable, scalable, and reliable storage solutions from HPE StorageWorks designed to handle your cloud, virtual, and physical work environments efficiently. Available at a price cheaper than cloud storage, the storage devices help you with storage optimization, data replication, easy data/application/file restoration, increased capacity, etc., by centralizing your data infrastructure. Host and manage several data storage-critical workloads in your business environment with outstanding data performance, reliability, and security via the HPE StorageWorks SAN, NAS, and DAS devices. Invest with clarity as we guide you in choosing a custom configuration, for more information talk to our expert sales team now.


An entire range of HPE StorageWorks products in one place

We offer an excellent collection of the finest HP StorageWorks appliances tested and certified for durability, interoperability, and simplified management, deployable as All-Flash, Hybrid, File, Open, and Block storage. You can now quickly deploy, manage, control, and access the data within moments with the D2700, MSA60, P4500, Ultrium 920, and more HPE StorageWorks devices in NVMe, SAS, and SSD options.


Run Any Application With a Maximum Potential

Recode your data processing and storage for resilient speeds backed by Intel Xeon Scalable, AMD Ryzen processors, extreme-edge memory, and a complete suite of software. With support for major OSs in the industry – Windows, Android, Linux, Veaam, OpenStack Cinder, and so on, the HPE StorageWorks devices integrate into your existing infrastructure smoothly.

Modernized Data Protection with Zero Trust Security

Protecting your critical data, files, and media remains the cornerstone of HPE StorageWorks paired with Zero Trust security features such as Deduplication, Compression, Encryption, Access restrictions, Firmware validation, etc. They offer modernized data protection by shielding your storage against harmful malware, creating efficient backups and simplifying operations from a single-window interface.

Backup and restore in the fastest time possible

Accelerate the backup and restoration process with the all-resilient HPE StorageWorks, a solution to your data challenges with the fastest restoration time and standardized backup process. The feature empowers you to safeguard your critical data, applications, files, and OSs. They reduce your TCO by eliminating data loss and corruption and withstand hardware or power failures.


Certified And Tested For Ideal Performance and interoperability

At ServerBasket, we test the HP StorageWorks at the burn-in condition in a live demo to ascertain their peak performance before they are certified and stocked in the inventory for sale. Supporting various protocols including S3-Compliant API, cloud sync, rsync, Minio Clustering, iSCSI, VAAI, Fibre Channel, and more
the StorageWorks devices from HPE bear the broadest interoperability and compatibility.


Empower your data analytics

Gather insights from all your workloads such as HPC, cloud, data-critical AI, simulation, editing, and analytics to speed up your product development with more efficiency and agility. Besides, the HPE StorageWorks systems also promise you a reduced ROI with the automation of business-common operations.

Hassle-Free Returns

Simpler returns policy

ServerBasket, being one of the trusted suppliers, offers an easy return policy. If you are not satisfied with our product and it doesn’t meet your business expectation, you can return it within a 7-day period.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Round-the-clock Support

At ServerBasket, we are available around the clock to help our customers in emergencies promptly through live chat or phone calls. Our technical staff assists you with creating data volumes, Snapshots, VMware ESXi integration, built-in KVM / Kubernetes, vCenter Plugins, etc.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Speedy delivery

Our ServerBasket delivery service extends all over India, including cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, etc. We assure quick doorstep delivery no matter where you are, with zero shipping charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a storage server?

A storage server is a specialized server designed to store, secure, and manage vast amounts of data and large applications. The centralized data storage systems have features for clustering, optimal resource availability, improved efficiency and security, data replication, and unparalleled security at a lesser cost than cloud storage

What are the various types of storage servers?

Storage servers can be SAN, NAS, or DAS based on the way they connect storage to the servers or devices. While SAN’s low latency & high IOPS suit dynamic business environments such as banking, credit card transactions, ticket reservation systems, and e-commerce relying on DBMSs and virtualization workloads, NAS is optimal for File storage and sharing with high-scale needs involving ETL operations, intelligent data services, and big data analytics, and DAS is a go-to solution for your SMBs with local data sharing or storage needs and are constrained by budget and resources. We also help you customize your storage servers based on SAS, SATA, and NVMe drives.

What are the benefits of using HPE StorageWorks storage servers?

There are a host of benefits when you deploy HPE StorageWorks storage servers in your data center. They provide improved availability and scalability for your growing data requirements optimizing your storage with high-performance SAS, SATA, m.2, NVMe, and NVMe PCIe interfaces. Through features like deduplication, compression, centralization, and automated backups, the server offers better accountability and enhanced security.

What are the common use cases of HPE StorageWorks servers?

The storage solutions from HPE StorageWorks are applicable for a range of scenarios. They offer File, Hybrid, All-flash, Block, Object, and Archive storage forms that combine SSDs and HDDs in hybrid configurations or can be equipped with all-flash storage arrays based on customization. Engineered with resilience and intelligence for modern-day challenges the HPE StorageWorks servers align your storage architecture with your business needs supporting all popular file systems like LizardFS, RozoFS, Ceph, Samba, Network File System, Coda, OCFS2, ReiserFS, ReFS, NetWare File System, BeeGFS, OpenAFS, Grid, and so on.

What security features are available with HPE StorageWorks?

HPE StorageWorks leverages Zero Trust security features to protect your data. They facilitate higher data availability backed by fault-tolerant and redundant storage structures, besides featuring features such as Self-Encrypting Drives, TPM, Secure data erase, encrypted data transfers, restricted access, compression, deduplication, thin/thick provisioning, firmware validation, etc. It also creates efficient backups, while safeguarding data integrity.

Which models of HPE StorageWorks are ideal for the data center?

There are a range of HPE StorageWorks models available at ServerBasket, that come with NVMe, SAS, and SSD options. The ideal models for DC and Enterprise scale businesses include the HPE StorageWorks P4300 G2, P4500 G2, D2700, MSA60, P2000 G3, and Ultrium 920 and 960 among others, providing the best storage capabilities.

What protocols are supported by the HPE StorageWorks solution?

HPE StorageWorks supports various protocols. These include WebDAV, iSCSI, VAAI, SMB v1/v2/v3, FTP, Fibre Channel, FCoE, NFS, SMB/CIFS, NFS v3/v4, AFP, HTTP and NVMe-oF. Leveraging the right protocol helps you maintain connectivity with the desired networking environments.

What is the timeline for delivery of the HPE StorageWorks server?

We guarantee to deliver it in 2-3 business days to your doorstep. ServerBasket has a strong logistics network for swift delivery of your HPE StorageWorks system. Once you place an order, we quickly dispatch it in safe packaging for fast delivery.

Does ServerBasket offer remote technical support for the HPE StorageWorks server?

Yes. We at ServerBasket are available round-the-clock to provide you with immediate technical assistance for the smooth operation of your HPE StorageWorks server. If you need remote support for operation, upgradation, or scalability, you can get in touch with us.

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