HP StorageWorks MSA60

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  • Secure Your Data with Automated Backups
  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family
  • Designed For All Users
  • Easy Setup And Maintenance
  • Adaptive Optimization
  • High-Performance SAS Drives
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Are you planning to buy an ideal storage solution that can improve your business patterns and fall under your budget? In need of a high-performance enclosure that has the ability to simplify your management tasks? Server Basket has a cluster of HP MSA60 StorageWorks that are tested in burn-in conditions and certified for their splendid performance. These HP storage enclosures are one of a kind in offering high performance, better efficiency, and greater redundancy. This HP MSA60 is the finest source that answers your prevailing and upcoming storage requisites.

These multi-OS compatible HP StorageWorks are available at Server Basket at the most affordable prices compared to any other HP vendor in India. Contact us to learn more about our HP MSA60 StorageWorks and the existing discount offers. Apart from exciting discounts and customizable options, you can relish the additional benefits that include free installation and technical support, strict seller warranty, and quick delivery in and around any city in India.

Simplified Data Management with Smart Configuration

The HP modular smart array 60 StorageWorks offers multiple features to provide simplified management for its customers. The intuitive management and easily expandable of this HP enclosure help users to effortlessly configure, install, and deploy their workflows without any complex and time-consuming procedures. The smart configuration of the StorageWorks is the key reason for its flexibility and flawless functionality.

High Density Storage with DAS Support

The easy to configure and high-performance DAS directly attaches to the computer and provides high-density storage for its users. With better read and write speeds and escalated system performance, the HP MSA60 StorageWorks never compromises on supporting and managing both real and virtual data and workflows, alongside offering minimum latency and enhanced speed in any kind of work environment.

Dual Domain Support with HPE Smart Array Controller

Do you want to store data in a highly redundant and secure environment? To provide high data availability, the HP MSA60 StorageWorks offers dual-domain support, which increases the redundant paths in the network and minimizes/eradicates any single point failures in the network. The smart array controller offers high-end performance, efficiency, and security for your existing and upcoming storage requirements.

Supports HPE SAS Single & Dual Port Disk Drives

If you are in need of an effective and powerful StorageWorks from an eminent brand, the HP StorageWorks MSA60 is perfect for you as it supports both single and dual-port HPE SAS drives with capacities from 72GB to 450GB. This HP StorageWorks can provide a whopping storage capacity of 5.4TB by accommodating twelve HPE SAS 3G 450GB hard drives.

Compatible with HPE SATA 3G Disk Drives

The HP StorageWorks MSA60 shows high compatibility with various 3G SATA drive capacities, ranging from 250GB to 1TB, to provide a maximum storage capacity of up to 12TB, using twelve 1TB HPE 3G SATA drives. With its high storage availability, businesses and organizations around the world have chosen this storage solution over others for storing their files, data, and media.

Efficient Functioning with Multi-OS Compliance

Are you looking for a storage solution that supports diverse operating systems? The HP StorageWorks MSA60 does that for you. It allows users to efficiently run and store any OS-based workflows. The enclosure makes accessing files and exchanging data effortless and quick. Microsoft Windows, Red hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Unixware, etc., are some operating systems that HP MSA60 StorageWorks supports.

Ultimate Data Protection with Advanced HP Features

Do you want your data to be safe and protected at all times? Try HP StorageWorks MSA60, which comes with the most efficient, cutting-edge technologies to protect your data, files, and workflows from drive failures and unauthorised entries. The HP MSA60 maintains the data and its backups in a secure environment and uses multiple encryption technologies to offer ultimate protection.

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