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HP MSA SAN Storage

hp msa san storage

Are you looking for a high-performance storage device that can support a broad range of workloads for you? Server Basket provides you with the all-new HPE MSA SAN storage The flash-ready HPE MSA SAN Storage solution is suited for small and remote office installations because it provides economical application acceleration.

Server Basket offers you the best deal imaginable, but don’t be fooled by the low HPE MSA SAN storage price. The HP storage MSA system combines simplicity with the ability to scale up now and in the future, as well as sophisticated capabilities you wouldn’t expect to find in an entry-level array.

At the same price, the HP SAN storage system provides twice the performance of the previous version, with over 200,000 IOPS for economical application acceleration. It’s very easy and inexpensive flash-ready storage that will help you obtain the best performance for the least amount of money.

Designed for the HPE ProLiant Servers And Blades

Most HPE ProLiant, BladeSystems, and Integrity servers are supported by the MSA, including the ProLiant ML line, tower-based servers with internal disc and connection expansion, the DL line with rack-mount servers, The BL line with blade servers that fit into the HP BladeSystem, the SY line with Synergy Blades, and the Apollo line with scale-out and high-performance computing servers.

Delivers Speed, Reliability, and Affordability

By offering versatility and acceleration for SSD, Enterprise SAS, or SAS Midline drive technologies, form factors, sizes, speeds, and pricing per GB, this array system may easily fit into practically any budget. The MSA array variants are built to allow an installation to start with a reduced capacity and scale up as needed, for reliable performance.

Store, Protect, and Analyze All Your Data in One Place

HPE Remote Snap replication technology and in-array protection allow you to perform important data management and protection tasks. With Arxscan you can monitor the storage, network, servers, and applications infrastructure. Gen6 adds an at-a-glance dashboard to provide administrators fast access to the information they need like utilisation, alarms, performance statistics, actions, and documented historical modifications.

Easy Setup & Deployment With Simplified Management

Wherever you are in your IT journey, you can deploy, operate, and evolve your data center. for simple, quick installation and maintenance, all MSA models offer hot-plug expansion and replacement of redundant controllers, enclosures, fans, power supply, and I/O modules. The MSA 2050 arrays are equipped with an integrated web browser and CLI-based software for setup, configuration, management, and troubleshooting.

Industry-Leading Support

Our team possesses a plethora of experience in detecting and resolving issues promptly, to provide you with the finest support. You’ll never have to worry about downtime with us. Our team is here to help you around the clock. If you face any issues with your HP MSA, you can contact us at any time through live chat, email, or phone call.

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