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    Cheap Storage Servers

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  • HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage Array

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    HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage Array

     151,200.00 168,000.00 Buy Now


Are you looking for an entry-level storage solution from HPE with simplicity, reliability, and affordability for your SMB? ServerBasket provides you with all-new HPE SAN storage servers from the MSA family capable of handling diverse business applications with enterprise-scale speed and reliability. The flash-ready HPE MSA storage arrays provide enhanced data storage capacity at economical prices for small and remote office installations. Proven to be intelligent storage servers for today’s data-critical applications and work environments, they combine simplicity with the ability to scale dynamically. Their secure design supports seamless deployment and management in NVMe, SAS, and SSD configurations performing at over 3,95,000 IOPS. Reach us for more information on exclusive benefits on the HPE MSA storage products, including Returns policy, no-charge Live demo, Sales support, etc. 


End-to-end collection of HPE MSA storage devices

Our flash-enabled MSA SAN platforms – 2040, 2050, 2062, 1050, etc., have dual controllers, support for SSDs, Enterprise or lower-cost Midline HDDs with LFF and SFF drive options, etc. They allow a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure as File, Block, All-Flash, Hybrid, Open ZFS, and other storage types with connectivity options like FC, 10G-BaseT iSCSI, and SAS. 


Designed for the HPE ProLiant Servers And Blades

The HPE MSA storage devices featuring Data Encryption, Deduplication, Access permissions and restrictions, and Anti-threat protection work well with a wide range of HPE tower, rack, and blade server families. Moreover, they support Synergy Blades and Apollo servers with scale-out data capacity to accelerate your application performance in addition to featuring an all-inclusive software suite.  

Deliver Speed, Reliability, and Affordability

By offering support for major OSs in the industry such as Windows, MacOS, OpenStack Cinder, Linux, and so on, the HPE MSA SAN storage arrays integrate into your existing infrastructure smoothly. To facilitate your limited budget, the MSA array variants are built with a larger chassis space but a beginner-level capacity, letting you scale up with the needs in a limited budget. 

Advanced features and compliance with Industry-grade protocols

Ideal as primary storage systems and backup options, the HPE MSA storage arrays encompass the features of data-at-rest Encryption, easy restoration, Thin/thick provisioning, Deduplication, Compression, and more. Their compliance with the protocols NFS v3/v4, AFP, FTP, rsync,GlusterFS, SMB v1/v2/v3, WebDAV, etc., make them easy to use. 


Store, Protect, And Analyze All Your Data In One Place

Enabled by MSA Remote Snap replication, centralize your data storage, protection, and analytics for improved business continuity, remote data access, and multiple recovery points in the event of a primary site failure. The user-friendly dashboard provides your administrators with fast and secure access to information like resource utilization, alarms, performance statistics, actions, and documented historical modifications.


Easy Setup & Deployment With Simplified Management

All MSA models offer hot-plug expansion and redundancy of enclosures, fans, power supply, and I/O modules, in addition to support for multiple protocols – AFP, FTP, NFS v3/v4, WebDAV, GlusterFS, S3-Compliant API, etc. The MSA storage arrays are equipped with an integrated web browser and CLI-based software for setup, configuration, management, and troubleshooting from a mobile app.


Speedy delivery across India

We cover the Indian cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, and many others, ensuring a speedy and secure delivery of MSA SAN storage solutions. We support your investment with a simple returns policy and a same-day shipping initiative. 


A Dedicated warranty cover

A 3-year warranty cover on the HPE MSA SAN storage products entitles you to repair or replacement services during the period. We provide a redundant device while processing the replacement to help with your workflow. 

24/7 Technical Assistance

Industry-Leading Support

Our team of certified hardware engineers helps you detect, understand, and resolve the issues unless they require a store service. We offer to assist you with creating and presenting a LUN, ESXI snapshot integration, creating VMkernel Network, NFS, and iSCSI storage integration with Linux, Windows, etc. 

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