QLogic Network Cards


Are you searching for high-quality, affordable NIC cards with the best configurations? Explore the widest collection of Qlogic NIC cards only at ServerBasket. These industry-leading network cards offer choices in speed, bandwidth, and interface to match your requirements. They ensure maximum throughput for low-latency, high-bandwidth networking traffic. Enjoy fast data transmission rates, better reliability, and efficiency with Qlogic network cards. Choose between single, dual, or quad ports and a range of speed options and networking protocols. ServerBasket offers its customers unbelievable discounts and support benefits. Enjoy the best storage application performance, high per-port performance, and minimal power consumption with these NICs. Moreover, you will get get 24/7 customer support, a comprehensive warranty, and an easy returns policy with us. Place your order now!


Wide Range of Speeds Available in Qlogic Network Cards

Select from a broad spectrum of networking speeds from our best Qlogic NIC cards catalog. You can select Qlogic 10Gb NIC, Qlogic 25Gb NIC, or other speed options. With speed variations, these Ethernet cards can easily accelerate your mid-range to mission-critical enterprise applications. They are highly adaptable, facilitating improved cost of ownership.


Reliable Server Network Adapters for Optimal Connectivity

Purchase the best Qlogic NIC cards, providing improved availability and support and ensuring high-speed, uninterrupted connectivity and performance and simplified diagnostics. With easy provisioning, they significantly reduce the implementation cost and complexity. Eliminate I/O bottlenecks and enjoy smooth networking operations with Qlogic NIC cards.

Top-tier Networking Hardware for Data Center Use

Establish top-tier networking infrastructure with Qlogic dual port NIC and other variants. It is ideal for both virtualized and non-virtualized data center uses. It offers high resiliency, simplified management, and compatibility across all major hardware platforms. Moreover, it allows fast data transmission across longer distances while minimizing congestion.

Upgrade Your Network for Enhanced Server Performance

Improve network performance and prioritize QoS with Qlogic server Ethernet cards. Get automated management capabilities to minimize deployment chaos with these NICs. With higher aggregate throughput, streamlined provisioning, and integrated management, they provide a competitive edge to your data center for enhanced server performance.


Advanced Ethernet Technology with Multi-port Choices

Qlogic network cards offer multi-port choices to provide increased network scalability. Choose among single, dual, and quad-port configurations for unmatched storage and network performance. Qlogic 4 port 10Gbe NIC delivers unparalleled capabilities for the most demanding applications and workloads. The port isolation feature enables better scalability at each port.


Seamless Data Flow with Qlogic Server Network Cards

Get Qlogic 10Gb NIC for smooth data flow. Explore a range of speed, port, and interface configuration possibilities to leverage the right choice for your data center. Fuel high performance and glitch-free data flow over longer distances. Boost network scalability and connect to more devices with these high-end yet affordable NICs.


Lowest-price Guarantee

At ServerBasket, we guarantee excellent discounts and the lowest prices on Qlogic server ethernet cards. We do not involve any third-party dealings, which ensures fair and transparent pricing. Purchase it at low prices now!

Instant Delivery All Over India

Safe and Fast Delivery

We facilitate quick and safe delivery to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. Our logistics outreach facilitates the fast movement of your NICs to help you innovate your networking infrastructure.


Warranty Cover of 90 Days

Get a warranty coverage of 90 days on your purchase only at ServerBasket.com. Under the warranty policy, we ensure free replacements and repairs on hardware issues. We only deal in high-quality, certified products.

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