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Are you looking for data center-grade network cards to build a highly scalable network? Buy the best Mellanox NICs from the ServerBasket online store, which is reputed to be a reseller of premium networking devices in India. Mellanox Ethernet cards provide high-speed network solutions for your data centers and enterprises, catering to their exponential growth. Tailored to suit the needs of futuristic applications such as Web 2.0, cloud computing, database management, analytics, and so many more, the Mellanox Ethernet cards enhance your network with heightened bandwidth and efficiency. Recharge your bandwidth and latency-sensitive work environments with a premiere performance from the Mellanox LAN cards at the SB store. We encase customer-first benefits such as a 7-day returns policy, free live demos, and sale guidance by experts, etc.


Industry-leading Ethernet Adapters for High-speed Connectivity

Opt for the highest-performing Ethernet solutions from the Mellanox NIC families, such as ConnectX Infiniband Adapters – ConnectX-5, ConnectX-6, ConnectX-7, and ConnectX SmartNICs – ConnectX-6 Lx, ConnectX-6 Dx, ConnectX-7, etc. Gain from speedier access, practical responsiveness, and a capability to handle more traffic with the NICs from Mellanox specifically invented for your enterprise core and edge environments.


High Bandwidth for HPC, Embedded and Data Center environments

Introduce higher bandwidth to your cloud computing, HPC, and embedded environments by deploying the Mellanox Ethernet cards made with compatibility for all the significant servers in the industry, like Dell, HP, Cisco, Supermicro, Huawei, etc. The ConnectX NICs from Mellanox enable your business environments to meet their high bandwidth and density needs.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Utilization of Servers

Utilize your server efficiency and resources optimally with the Mellanox network cards as they accelerate your network performance while simultaneously reducing the CPU overhead of the IP by freeing processor cycles. These network devices help you experience enhanced network security, storage, manageability, and serviceability for your cloud, AI, telecom, and enterprise work demands.

Multiple Port and Speed Options

The ConnectX SmartNICs and InfiniBand adapters modelled by Mellanox provide up to quad port connectivity options other than single and dual-port ones. They offer data transmission speeds to an extreme of 400Gb/s with 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G options, empowering your network with agility and numerous advanced features.


Advanced Offload Abilities for Demanding Applications

Meet your present and future high-density network needs with Mellanox NICs. Embedded with Large Send Offload, these cards reduce the burden on your processor and help you with the most efficient resource utilization. Moreover, they are an amalgamation of network-friendly features such as ASAP2, RoCE, GPUDirect storage, IPsec, and MACsec, along with encryption and decryption mechanisms.


Support for Jumbo Frames for Better Network Throughput

The Mellanox network controllers support larger Jumbo frames, reducing network congestion and CPU usage, resulting in improved efficiency and data throughput, i.e., the amount of data transmitted. They accomplish it by decreasing the overhead of packet headers and TCP admission, consequently cutting down the latency in transmission.

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Shop at our store for the lowest price challenge on Mellanox networking products. Our delivery service covers all the major cities and towns in India with same-day shipping assurance, reaching you safely an on time. 

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7-day Return Option

A 90-day warranty cover secures the products sold at our store, facilitating the repair/replacement process during the window period. Our professionals make sure that you receive a just and speedy service.


90-day Warranty

Our store is recognized for its award-winning services and customer care. We affix your best interests with a 90-day warranty cover on the Mellanox NICs, which is active from the date of purchase, serving you with a free repair or replacement if the product is defective or damaged. 

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