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Server Rental Under Rs.40,000/-

 39,999.00 45,399.00 (-12%)

  • Top Brand Servers on Lease
  • Servers for Application Testing
  • Short-Term & Long-Duration Server Rental Services
  • Customizable Server with Genuine Spare Parts
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Upgrade Configuration to handle Higher workloads
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Delivery Available all over India

Enterprise-Class Servers on Rent with Custom Configuration, Handles Workloads of Higher Computing and even get a Quick upgrade to Future needs, Receive quotation for the choose Configuration instantly tagged with Free shipping All over India: Hyderabad, Goa, Patna Delhi, Lucknow, Indore, Surat, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Bangalore Etc

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Rental Server Pricing List:

Server TypeCPU'sStorageRAMPower Supply Price
Powerful-128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's6TB SSD with Raid 5128GBDual
  • Rs. 14,999/-
Powerful-256GB 36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's10TB SSD with Raid 5256GBDual
  • Rs. 24,999/-
Powerful-512GB 40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's12TB SSD with Raid 5512GB Dual
  • Rs. 34,499/-

Certified & 100% Tested Server On Rent Under Rs. 40,000/-

Are you looking for reliable, high on performance servers to give a boost to your business? Do you need powerful branded servers but do not want to make a capital investment for purchasing new servers? Server Basket has the perfect solution for you! We offer server rental services so that you get to use the high-end servers for your business needs without actually buying them. You can rent servers from us for a low amount under Rs. 40,000 and achieve the performance you need. You also get the option to test your applications before you rent our servers. Our rental service supplies you with a platter of top-quality servers from HP, Dell, IBM, and other Storage Servers to choose from with provisions to customize the server configurations as per your needs. Not only that, if you opt for rentals in bulk for your organization, you get attractive discounts from us. You can save huge on costs by availing our rental services and utilize the savings on other critical business requirements. We deliver the physical servers you rent at your premises in no time. There is more to it! With our server rental service, you get technical assistance from our experts to resolve any server related issues you face.

Server Basket offers server rentals under 40000 that help reduce your server costs, free up your capital to use it for better returns, and ensures you get the best support possible, even round the clock.

Grade A Quality Powerful Server On Rent Under Rs 40,000/-

The servers we offer on rent under Rs. 40,000 are grade A quality, powerful and branded such as Dell servers or servers from HP, IBM, Cisco, etc. These servers deliver guaranteed high performance and computing that you require for your business projects. They are capable of better network connectivity, storing large amounts of data and speeding up your application deployments. You will not regret your decision of renting servers from us as you will get enterprise-class throughput from these.

Test Your Apps Before Pre-Order

You may require to use certain applications to run your business. And these apps can be crucial for your projects. However, before you actually use them in the production environment, you might want to test them for different parameters. You can easily do that with our servers on rent even before you pre-order your apps. Servers rented from us are a suitable choice to test and establish the performance, compatibility, functionality, usability and security of your applications.

Save More Money with Rental Service

With Server Basket’s server rentals at affordable prices, you need not spend upfront on the purchase of new servers for your organization. Rented servers will give you the same resources and performance for your workloads as your new bought servers. Instead, rented servers will save you a lot of money which you can use in the growth and expansion of your business. Besides, our server rental plans are the most reasonable and cost-saving in the market.

Custom Configured for Your Business Organization Needs

As your organization will have specific business needs, we can custom configure the servers for you. Your need may be of a standard configuration for regular business operations or an advanced configuration for heavy workloads. Your call for the rented servers’ configuration will also differ based on your budget. Whatever is your need, just let us know, and we will custom make your server with your desired configuration so that you get the best server.

Get Discounts on Bulk Orders

You may need a few servers on rent for your startup or small business or a large number for your big corporation; we can cater to all your needs efficiently by providing the best servers on rent. We offer special discounts if your orders are bulk. We want to have long term associations with our customers via our top-quality servers and great service. We also help you save your money with our attractive offers on bulk orders.

Qualified Technical Help

We have a team of qualified technicians who are available 24/7 to assist you in case of any technical issues related to your rented servers. They can also help you in the installation and setup of the servers and prepare them for use. At any time later, whenever you face any issues with the operations of the servers, you can contact our experts for help. They are available for you on a phone call and via email, live chat and WhatsApp.

Quick On-Premises Delivery

At Server Basket, we understand the importance of your work, and hence we want your business operations to continue without any interruptions. For this, we deliver the physical servers you need on your premises within the shortest time span possible after you have chosen your servers and the rental plans. There will be no delays from our side once your order is complete. We are committed to delivering your servers safe and quick.

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