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  • Dell, HP, IBM Server Rental Chennai

    • Rent Dell Server
    • Rent Hp Server
    • Rent IBm Server
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Rent Servers At Low Cost
    • Low Price Gaurantee
    • Instant Shipping
    • 24/7 Service Support

    Rent/ Lease Dell, Hp, Ibm Server Rental Chennai Online In India At Low Price With Instant Shipping, 24/7 Support

     14,899.00 17,899.00
  • Dell, HP, IBM Server Space Rental



    • Rent Dell Storage SpaceServer
    • Rent Hp storage Space Server
    • Rent IBm Storage Space Server
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Rent Servers At Low Cost
    • Low Price Gaurantee
    • Instant Shipping
    • 24/7 Service Support

    Rent/ Lease Dell, Hp, IBm Server Rack Space Rental Online In India At Cheap Price With Instant Shipping, 24/7 Support

     14,679.00 16,899.00

    Dell, HP, IBM Server Space Rental

     14,679.00 16,899.00 Add to cart
  • IBM Server Rental Online at Cheap Price



    • Rent IBM Server
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Low Price Gaurantee
    • Instant Shipping
    • 24/7 Service Support

    Order IBM Server Rental Online In India At Lowest Price With Instant Delivery , 24/7 Service Support

     15,999.00 16,899.00
  • IBM Server Rentals



    • IBM Server For Rentals
    • Highly Enterprise Hardware’s
    • Lowest Price Guarantee
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Genuine Servers
    • Very Latest Server Hardware
    • 24/7 Support
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location

    Best IBM Tower, Rack, Blade, Mount, 1U, 2U, 4U Server On Rentals Online At Cheap Price Compared To Other Enerprise Rental Dealers In India

     15,999.00 16,899.00

    IBM Server Rentals

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  • Rent 12 Core Server

    • Ideal for virtualization Tasks
    • Multi-Level Tested Hardware
    • Fully Customizable Server
    • All Dell, HP, IBM Servers Available
    • Get Free Demo on Server
    • Receive Detailed Quotation
    • Best Rental Deals
    • Prompt Tech Support
    • Instant Shipping Available Across India

    Rent a 12 Core Server to handle the Virtualization Tasks. Avail servers of All Brands like Dell R710, T410, R820 Server, HP DL380 Gen9, HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server, IBM X3550 M4/M5 X3650 M3 Servers Etc. Comes with Free Round the Clock Tech Support,Super-Fast Shipping All Over India: Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad Jaipur, Nagpur, Noida etc

     72,000.00 74,000.00

    Rent 12 Core Server

     72,000.00 74,000.00 Buy Now
  • Rent IBM TS140 Server

    • IBM TS 140 Server
    • 4U Tower Server
    • Intel Xeon E3 1220v3 3.2 GHz,8 MB,1600 MHz Processor
    • 1x 4GB RAM / 4 slots (UDIMM)
    • 1×1 TB SATA 7200 RPM HDD
    • 3.5″ Simple-Swap SATA
    • Multi Burner
    • 3 Yrs Onsite Warranty, 24×7 service

    Lease Lenovo TS 140 4U Tower Server Online At The Affordable Low Price With Fast Delivery Service, 24/7 Customer Support.

     7,499.00 8,999.00

    Rent IBM TS140 Server

     7,499.00 8,999.00 Add to cart
  • Rent IBM X3650 M4 Server


    FORM FACTOR- 2U Rack Server

    • PROCESSOR – Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2
    • MAX RAM – 256 GB
    •  HARD DISK – 56 TB

    Rent / Lease IBM X3650 M4 2u Rack Server Rental At Low Price With Instant Shipping, 24/7 Support

     10,999.00 12,899.00

    Rent IBM X3650 M4 Server

     10,999.00 12,899.00 Add to cart
  • Servers on Rent Under Rs. 20,000/-

    • Best Server Rental
    • Configured As Per Application Requirment
    • High-End Servers At Lowest Rental Price
    • Upgrade your Configuration Anytime
    • Discounted Price on Longer Duration
    • 24/7 Expert Support
    • Fast Shipping Across India

    Choose Server Basket for High-End Server Rental Services with Best Configuration to suit any Business Applications, Get Instant Quotation with Configuration tagged with Free 24/7 Expert Assistance to Resolve issues and Also receive Server at your doorstep in any city in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Indore, Surat, Coimbatore Etc

     19,999.00 25,000.00

    Servers on Rent Under Rs. 20,000/-

     19,999.00 25,000.00 Buy Now

IBM Server Rental

Powerful 1U Rack Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeCPU'sStorageRAMPower Supply Price
Powerful-128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's6TB SSD with Raid 5128GBDual
  • Rs. 14,999/-
Powerful-256GB 36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's10TB SSD with Raid 5256GBDual
  • Rs. 24,999/-
Powerful-512GB 40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's12TB SSD with Raid 5512GB Dual
  • Rs. 34,499/-

Storage 2U Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sStorage Price
Storage 128GB 128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 12,499/-
Storage 256GB256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 22,499/-
Storage 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 42,499/-
Storage 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 44,499/-
Storage 256GB-2256GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 54,499/-
Storage 512GB-3 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 74,499/-
Storage 128GB-4 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's 400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-

GPU Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sGPUPower SupplyStorage Price
GPU 128GB 128GB 24 Core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 14,499/-
GPU 256GB 256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 24,499/-
GPU 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 46,499/-
GPU 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 52,499/-
GPU 256GB-1256GB24 core CPU/48 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 58,499/-
GPU 512GB-1512GB40 core CPU/80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-
GPU 128GB-2128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 94,499/-


IBM Server Rental

IBM Server Rental India | IBM Rack, Tower, Blade Servers on Lease | Custom Configured | Free Tech Support

IBM servers deliver the most reliable infrastructure for the customer’s demand and IBM servers are engineered to meet your business needs. Rent IBM certified servers from Server Basket at the best-discounted prices which match your workloads and budget.  If you are looking for IBM Server Rental, then Server Basket is the best in the market to meet your targets. And Server Basket is providing a helping hand by giving the rental services for the lowest possible price. Why delay now? Come associate with us and get the best-in-class services.

Vast Options to Choose From

Server Basket is a pioneer in providing servers on rental. You can rent an IBM server from Server Basket without any hassle. We have a vast range of IBM servers such as IBM system X3250M4, X3630M4, X3550M4, X3550M5, X3650M5 Server etc. to choose from and you will be amazed by the performance our IBM servers provide to your business. You can also choose from tower, rack and blade servers in our IBM Servers and order accordingly.

Custom Configuration As Per Need

If you need a server of IBM product with the configuration that you wish for, for your business needs, Server Basket is here for the custom configuration convenience for the customers to customize the server totally based on the requirement. The customization may charge a little more, but trust us it not going to be huge. Our expert technicians can look up to it, and bring you the server that you are in need.

High-Performance IBM Servers on Rent

IBM server rental deliver high performance and high availability handling any workloads in any business environment, i.e., small, large or mid-sized businesses. Its superior performance for demanding workloads is the key to opt for the IBM server rental. Rent the server from Server Basket, save up your money and make use of most of it. IBM servers are the world-class servers when compared to their performance and availability.

Fully Managed IBM Servers

We provide fully managed IBM servers, providing complete administration access and we manage the server by giving 100% uptime guarantee any day. IBM servers are security-rich, scalable and performance high. Server Basket offers- services anywhere which means we will remotely deliver different types of monitoring, managed/ handled security and storage services to you without any problem.

Instant Shipping Across India

We deliver to every nook and corner of India with no additional charges. Sealed with power package, the server will be right at your doorstep within 2-3 days from the day of order confirmation. Server Basket is famously known for its minimum pricing offers and on-time delivery through our Shipping Partners in all the Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, Vizag, etc. We offer an instant delivery option in case of an emergency.

Secured Payment Options

We offer multiple secure payment options such as PayPal, debit card, credit cards, and online payment transactions for you to place an order for IBM server rental. Most secured and safe payment options are available. Choose the payment method based on your convenience. The payment confirmation acknowledgment will be sent through SMS or email as soon as we receive the amount.

Best Technical Support

Server Basket employee quality and good technical assistance that can tackle any critical issues raised and solve them with ease. You do not need to run to the IBM support in case of any further problems because we at Server Basket will do the best, providing the point to point support round the clock. Note the point; it is indeed a free and best technical support any day.

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