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  • Dell NAS/SAN/DAS Storage Servers On Rental

    • Dell storage Server Rental
    • NAS/SAN/DAS Servers on Rent
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    Order Dell Storage Server For Rent Online In India, Supports All Storage Technologies: NAS/SAN/DAS. Based the network Access to the server, Customer can get configured For NAS/SAN/DAS Server. Also Avail Free 24/7 Tech Assistance, Fast Shipping All Over India: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore Lucknow Etc

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  • HP Storage Server Rental

    • HP Storage Server Rental
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Rent Servers At Low Cost
    • Scalable HP storage Server
    • Run Data Intensive Applications
    • Customize as Per Your Need
    • Secure Data Back Up
    • Impressive Security Features
    • Low Price Guarantee
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    Rent/ Lease  HP Storage Server on Rent Online In India At Affordable Low Price, HP Server Storage rental in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune Etc with Custom Configuration, 24/7 Tech Support, Secure Shipping Anywhere in India

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    HP Storage Server Rental

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  • Inhouse NAS Storage



    • Affordable Rental Plans
    • Fully Automated Backups
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    • Weekly And Monthly Reports
    • Free Remote Installation
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    Inhouse NAS Storage

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NAS Storage Rental Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Are you searching for a reliable store offering rental services for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices at low costs? ServerBasket is a trusted vendor where you can find various NAS options available for rentals at budget-friendly prices. These storage devices are ideal for short-term and long-term projects. With the rental storage, users can experience outstanding efficiency and improved productivity by customizing specifications to meet their organization’s requirements. They can help you smoothly access and transfer multiple data files among various servers over a consistent network, while maintaining complete data security. Using NAS, clients can create automated data backups and private cloud storage, meanwhile, you can also access NAS devices remotely over the Internet. At the SB online store, these NAS devices are available from various brands, in multiple configurations. Furthermore, we provide free trials and 24/7 after-sales technical and IT installation support.


Wide Collection of NAS Systems

Visit to discover a wide range of leading NAS storage brands for rent at low costs, including IBM, HP, Dell, Supermicro, Huawei, and others. Our offerings include Scale-out FBS, NAS gateways, and consumer-grade options to satisfy your individual requirements. These NAS storage systems are best suited for small businesses and organizations.


A Blend of On-site and Cloud Storage Solutions

NAS storage devices provide a versatile and extensive storage solution that combines on-premise and cloud storage capabilities. NAS devices provide local storage accessible via the internet, allowing users to store and retrieve data remotely. NAS allows recovery and synchronization with cloud storage services. This method enhances data accessibility, backup reliability, and scalability for individual users and corporations.

Easy Access and Sharing with Centralized Data Storage

SB online stores provide low-cost NAS storage rentals. These storage systems provide centralized data storage while also providing efficiency, security, and scalability. Large-scale businesses often utilize centralized data storage to store massive amounts of data in one location, making it simple for users to access and maintain the organization’s data.

On-board Security and Data Protection Features

NAS storage with multiple security features to keep data safe. Access control lists, data encryption, RAID storage, user authentication and authorization, firewalls, virus and malware protection, VPN support, intrusion detection and prevention systems, etc. These features safeguard NAS storage against unanticipated attacks, theft, and corruption. Purchase NAS Storage for rent from ServerBasket at low prices.


Interoperability with Devices Run by Various OSs & Protocols

NAS storage devices are compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, making them ideal for home users, small enterprises, and large corporations alike. NAS devices communicate with other network devices via standard networking protocols such as TCP/IP and CIFS/SMB, so you may easily retrieve files saved on a NAS device from a Windows PC, Mac, Linux, etc.


Customizable Consumer-friendly Rental Plans

ServerBasket offers NAS storage devices for rent, which are suitable for long and short-term projects. The minimal rental duration is six months and can be extended based on the client’s demands. The minimal rental price of our storage devices starts from Rs. 14,000. We can customize and upgrade the storage device with the latest technologies and enjoy expandability and security.


Payment Choices

ServerBasket comforts clients by offering multiple online payment methods, such as Netbanking and UPI (Paytm), So that clients can pick their preferred payment options to simplify their shipping process with us.


Free Demo of Products

Customers can request one or more free demos before renting our products. These free demos provide valuable information about the installation process and include a user installation guide for your convenience.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Reliable Delivery and Tech Support

Our delivery executives are all over India, covering all major cities, including Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. We promise on-time delivery no matter where you are. We also offer 24/7 technical and remote IT support.

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