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  • Dell NAS/SAN/DAS Storage Servers On Rental

    • Dell storage Server Rental
    • NAS/SAN/DAS Servers on Rent
    • Fulfill Storage Requirements
    • High-performance
    • Rent Servers At Low-Cost
    • Quick Quote proposals
    • Instant Shipping All Over India
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Exclusive of Taxes

    Order Dell Storage Server For Rent Online In India, Supports All Storage Technologies: NAS/SAN/DAS. Based the network Access to the server, Customer can get configured For NAS/SAN/DAS Server. Also Avail Free 24/7 Tech Assistance, Fast Shipping All Over India: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore Lucknow Etc

     14,799.00 17,018.00
  • HP Storage Server Rental

    • HP Storage Server Rental
    • Upgrade Servers Anytime
    • Rent Servers At Low Cost
    • Scalable HP storage Server
    • Run Data Intensive Applications
    • Customize as Per Your Need
    • Secure Data Back Up
    • Impressive Security Features
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Instant Shipping
    • 24/7 Service Support

    Rent/ Lease  HP Storage Server on Rent Online In India At Affordable Low Price, HP Server Storage rental in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune Etc with Custom Configuration, 24/7 Tech Support, Secure Shipping Anywhere in India

     10,699.00 12,399.00

    HP Storage Server Rental

     10,699.00 12,399.00 Buy Now
  • Inhouse NAS Storage



    • Affordable Rental Plans
    • Fully Automated Backups
    • Buy Or Rent
    • Instant Delivery
    • Weekly And Monthly Reports
    • Free Remote Installation
    • 24×7 Customer Tech Support
    • Shipping Charges Based on location
    • Free Remote Installation Support
    • Exclusive of Taxes



     38,638.00 40,569.00

    Inhouse NAS Storage

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Storage Rental Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Are you looking for Storage rental services backed by tech experts, a wide range of options, and genuine products at the best prices?
Choose Storage rentals from ServerBasket with a price-match guarantee and custom configurations to support your concerns, such as budget restraints, scalability, testing, maintenance, etc. Our Storage rental services include physical storage units – SAN, NAS, and DAS, cloud storage and storage servers from the most reputed brands. Whether you want to backup critical data such as applications, content, OS, etc., or lease storage for ad hoc projects, storage rental gives you the resources your SMBs, enterprises, and DCs need at a quarter of investment with the most negligible risks. Rent your data storage needs from the SB store, an authorized Rental service provider in India offering you premium benefits and offers like zero setup fees, same-day shipping initiation, troubleshooting, and repair or replacement assistance of the hardware and software within the rental period.


Storage Server Solutions from Industry Leaders to Rent

Control and keep your budgets in visibility with the Storage server rentals from our store. Our broad collection of storage servers includes products from industry-common brands – PowerMax, Unity XT series products from Dell, Alletra, StoreOnce, MSA from HP, etc., serving the needs of businesses from diverse backgrounds.


Multiple Physical Storage Technologies Available

Our store offers you both Cloud and Physical Storage rental services for devices based on multiple technologies. Check our exclusive collection of products for rentals NAS – NX3230, NX3200, etc. from the Dell PowerVault family, SAN- Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012, and DAS – Dell PowerVault MD1220, MD1200, and so on.

Designed to Outperform Your Business Needs

Power your business needs with storage devices standardized with multiprotocol compatibility and interoperability to handle workloads like web services, research, AI, machine learning, and others. Our storage products are equipped with high-end CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and other components. Store, archive, and back up data as and how you need it affordably, reliably, and securely.

Enhanced Data Security and Integrity

Store your critical data, applications, or OS backups with no worries, as they are guarded by Layer-2 and Layer-3 security, Firewalls, robust firmware, and continuous monitoring to detect intrusions, threats, and vulnerabilities. We guarantee enterprise-grade safe data access with application-level detection, filtering, and file integrity monitoring.


Rental Plans Suitable for Diverse Needs and Time Periods

Our store has plenty of lowest-price Rental service plans that fit every exclusive data storage need your business has. Whether short-term or long-term projects escalate your requirements, we serve you with the right solution. Benefit from easy upgradability, expandability, and security by opting for our storage rental services.


Access the Newest Features and Capabilities

Enjoy huge savings on investments with our top-edge storage rental solutions that are fully customizable and capable of heavy-duty performances. Introduce tomorrow’s technology and innovation to the present-day workspaces by renting Storage equipment from ServerBasket. Update your hardware infrastructure to top-gen technologies and features with zero risks.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Free Demo and Migration Support

For more details regarding the products and instant quotes, request a free consultation for inquiries or a live demo of the Storage device. We extend hard-to-resist services on storage rentals, such as on-demand Data migration support, at affordable prices.


Broader Payment Options

Our payment gateway allows you to carry the transaction through multiple payment options. We accept the modes of UPI, all authorized Debit and Credit cards, PayPal, and Direct Bank Transfers.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Fast Delivery and 24x7 Tech Support

Choose the SB store to rent Storage for the promised fastest delivery across Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc. Throughout the rental period, we stand by our assurances of guidance during issues, repair or replacement, and troubleshooting with a 24/7 help desk of skilled employees.

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