HP Server Heatsinks


Are you seeking the right processor heatsink for your HP server at a low price? ServerBasket has the best portfolio of HP server CPU heatsinks to remove heat from the system and improve its longevity. They feature advanced thermal conductors to dissipate heat and ensure proper cooling to avoid thermal throttling. Explore ServerBasket’s range of low-priced HP server processor heatsinks. They are easily searchable with a range of part numbers for your HP servers from multiple generations. They support various HP ProLiant server models including DL160 G10, DL20 G10 Plus, DL360 G9, DL180 G9 and G10, DL560 G9, DL360P G8, DL380 G9 and G10, and more. Moreover, we provide an exclusive warranty, quick shipping, 24/7 customer support, and the best discounts on CPU heatsinks. Place your order now!


Cost-Effective HP Server Heatsink Solutions

Nothing can match the innovative layout we are offering of the HP Server Heatsink when it comes to withstanding rigorous and resource-intensive operations. Maintaining optimal performance and reducing the risks of overheating require adequate cooling, which can be achieved using affordable and easily accessible heat dispersion technologies in the heatsinks offered by us.


Cutting-Edge Cooling Solutions For All HP Components

Because they can destroy sensitive components, high temperatures can cause malfunctions, system failures, and performance loss. The high-performance HP server heatsinks can reliably and effectively cool the internal parts of your HP server, which includes memory and storage devices, in addition to dispersing the heat produced by the processor.

Various Types Available In Stock (Mention Active, Passive, Hybrid, Liquid Cooling)

In order to help you prevent thermal throttling, Server Basket stocks server CPU heatsinks, typically available in active, passive, hybrid, and cooling designs, as well as different chip sizes. Additionally, we customize heat sinks, especially for managing the thermal loads of devices while meeting all cooling capacity requirements.

Stable Temperature Maintenance For HP Server Environments

It might be very challenging to control the humidity in a server room. If this is something you’re having trouble with, you may use a 1U or 2U server heatsink in your data center. These heatsinks are specially made to run quietly so that you can use them in an environment with multiple HP servers.


Efficient Heat Sinks for Enterprise and Data Center Servers

Do you need to prevent your data center from producing a lot of heat? Utilize the extensive selection of efficient HP server heat sinks, which are ideal for virtualization, mission-critical workloads, and a variety of data center applications. They are a great choice for business settings where dependability and performance are essential.


Enhanced Server Performance and Extended Lifespan

Does an HP Server heatsink have the longest lifespan, and is it the best for improving performance? Without a doubt, premium materials that are specially selected for their capacity to dissipate heat are used to make these efficient heatsinks. With this, the heatsink’s lifespan is increased, and dependable performance is guaranteed.


Reliable 90-Day Warranty

Our HP Server heatsink solutions have passed rigorous testing to guarantee complete security and quick reaction times. The product has a standard warranty that covers bug fixes for up to 90 days if you face any technical problem with it.


Instant Shipping And Delivery

We promise to ship your product as soon as your payment is finished. We deliver to any Indian city, such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, etc. Our trusted store offers an assured warranty to replace, repair, or return products for functioning issues.


24/7 Technical Support

Need help getting things done? Give a call to our engineers and experts, who are on hand around the clock to assist you with a variety of needs and issues. They find quick fixes for any problems and appropriately cooperate with you.

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