Dell PowerEdge R450 Rack Server

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  • Form Factor : 1U Rack
  • Processor : Intel Xeon Scalable
  • No of Processors : Two
  • Max Memory : 1TB
  • Memory Type : DDR4
  • Max Storage : 64TB
  • Power Supplies : Dual
  • Type of Storage : HDD, SSD
  • Max Dimensions : 42.8 * 482 * 734 mm
  • Advanced System Management and Security Tools
  • Quick & Safe Delivery Throughout India
  • 24/7 Free Technical Support
  • 3 Years Warranty
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The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server is a density-focused server, ideally built for general IT setups, small to medium-scale businesses, and startups. If your organization is seeking updated processing, then this server is the best fit for you. The server provides autonomous computing features in its infrastructure that can let you work with accelerated operational speed and enhanced efficacy. It has light virtual machine density, meaning you can meet your virtualization needs with complete ease.
The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server comes with fortified security and recovery features with tools such as BIOS live scanner, Telemetry iDRAC9, and Rapid OS recovery. Since the server has integrated features for security such as the Silicon Root of Trust and Secured Component Verification, you can rest assured that your entire system will be well protected.

dense high performance 1u rack server for demanding workloads

Dense High-performance 1U Rack Server for Demanding Workloads

The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server is a sturdy server built for supporting immense workloads. In fact, it lets you add additional power with the help of up to a couple of Intel Xeon Processors from the third generation of the Scalable series. Your demanding workload needs are seamlessly met with this server.

Double the Number of Processors

For increased processing power, the Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server allows you the option of installing two CPUs for Intel Xeon Scalable processors. In fact, you can get a total of 48 cores, 24 per processor. This will definitely help you in enhancing your performance efficiency and output.

Larger Storage Capacity with Multiple Drives

The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server comes to you with humongous storage capacity with its multiple drive bays supporting different drive options. 4 3.5-inch SATA/SAS SSDs or HDDs for a storage capacity of up to 64 TB, or 8 2.5-inch SATA/SAS SSDs or HDDs for up to 61.4 TB capacity.

Advanced System Management and Security Tools

The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server offers improved security with cyber resilience in its architecture and enterprise-class features like Silicon Root of Trust and Secured Component Verification, minimizing any risks to your system. The advanced system management features like Automatic Certificate Enrollment, Key Manager for OpenManage, and iDRAC9 enable effective management, remotely too.

advanced system management and security tools
high speed ddr4 memory configuration

High-speed DDR4 Memory Configuration

The Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server is built with faster memory. This high-performing server can support up to 16 DDR4 RDIMMS at 2933 MT/s for a capacity of up to 1TB. This means that you can get improved server performance, the server can support intense workloads, and there are no technical bottlenecks.

PCIe Slots for Better Throughput and Low Latency

With the Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server, the amount of data that can pass through the server is immense because of its 2 PCI Express (PCIe) slots of Gen4 configuration. Also, its latency period is considerably low which means that you can get work done and output generated at a much quicker rate.


Additional information



Drive Type

LFF (3.5), SFF (2.5)

Form Factor

1U Rack



Max Storage

64 TB

No of Lan Ports


No of Processors


PCI Slots


Power Supply



Intel Xeon Scalable Processor

RAID Controllers


Refurb or New


Remote Management


Type of Storage



3 Years

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What memory configuration does Dell PowerEdge R450 Rack Server offer?

Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server offers a flexible and expandable memory configuration. It supports 16 DDR4 RDIMM DDR4 memory of up to 1TB and a fast speed with an upper limit of 2933 MT/s. Such memory support enables optimal server performance.

Does it have dual power supplies?

Yes, the two-socket Dell PowerEdge R450 server features hot plug and fully redundant power supplies. Dual power supplies make the system more powerful to operate mission-critical, demanding workloads that help to improve business productivity.

Is iDRAC technology available on this server?

Dell PowerEdge R450 server is equipped with iDRAC9 technology that facilitates remote management. It has a cyber-resilient architecture, and iDRAC9 allows secure, reliable, and seamless administrative tasks, remotely. You can avail of it for advanced system management.

Does the Dell PowerEdge R450 server consume more power?

Dell PowerEdge R450 server provides greater value to your business by reducing power consumption. This server consumes low power. It allows greater energy efficiency, thus, helping reduce your energy bills significantly. 

What are the special features of Dell PowerEdge R450 system?

Dell PowerEdge has a 1U form factor. It is density-focused and is an ideal choice for SMBs. It supports SSD and HDD storage, allows dual power supplies, and high-speed DDR4 SmartMemory. You can install two Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

What is the maximum weight and dimensions of this server?

The maximum dimensions of the Dell PowerEdge R450 rack server include 42.8 * 482 * 734 mm. The maximum weight of this server is 16.58 kg. The server is compact and suitable for space-constrained businesses.

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