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The Dell M1000e enclosure in 10U modular form factor is meant for Dell’s blade server architecture and provides an exceptionally reliable, efficient and flexible foundation for creating an IT infrastructure. It is an energy-efficient and easy-to-manage blade server implementation framework from Dell. It is ideal for servers used by large-scale enterprises for rendering and simulation workloads. It delivers high server density on each chassis and saves you costs on space, cooling and power. You can easily add or swap servers on this enclosure. It requires very less cabling and comes with a centralized management system.

Suitable for Rendering & Simulation

The M1000e enclosure is an advancement in enterprise server architecture. It provides scale on-demand switch options and I/O slots. It offers the flexibility you need to meet the ever-increasing needs for I/O consumption, such as heavy-duty rendering and simulation workloads.

Designed for Large Scale Enterprises

M1000e is designed for huge corporations that use enterprise-grade servers for their daily operations. It comes with a world-class design and enterprise-level management features. It can take on the challenges and complexities that a data center structure can pose.

Less Cabling & Centralized Management

It has a flexible and optimized build which requires very less of cabling. You don’t have to bother about ugly cables of multiple connections. It features powerful yet easy-to-use management tools with a Centralized Chassis Management Controller (CMC) for multiple enclosures.

High Server Density Per Chassis

M1000e delivers high server and computational density per chassis. It can take up to 16 half-height server modules (blades), eight full-height blades, or eight sleeves with quarter-height blades. It can include a mix of all three kinds of blades.

Add or Swap Servers Easily

This blade enclosure comes with an exclusive FlexAddress option that allows simplified integration of products. It streamlines addition of new servers or swapping of servers and other components in the enclosure efficiently by limiting the downtime for you.

Saves Space, Cooling & Power Costs

This 10U modular enclosure saves a lot of space for you. It uses Dell’s enhanced efficiency technologies to manage fan speed control to ensure optimal airflow and cooling by fans. This minimizes power consumption and costs and Lowers the TCO.

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Nishan Parth

    I bought the Dell M1000e enclosure for my simulation workloads. And, it is perfectly delivering as per my expectations. Offers scalability of up to 4TB RAM, and it is easily manageable. Server density per chassis is also favorably high.

  2. 02

    by Vimal Dayal

    I purchased my Dell M1000e enclosure from Server Basket. I had a very smooth experience. Definitely, SB provides the best discounts. The entire tech team helped me thoroughly which was quite nice of them.


What security features are incorporated into the DELL M1000e Enclosure?

The DELL M1000e Enclosure has a range of security features with custom admin access to I/O, CMC, and iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller in addition to role-based permissions for the different blades, and a Secure Boot feature for comprehensive security. Other security features include User authentication based on Active Directory/user IDs & passwords/LDAP services, Web interface with SSL 3.0 & 4.0 encryption for User ID and password configuration, limited Login failures/IP address, auto time out, Configurable IP ports, Two-Factor Authentication, Front panel access locking, etc. 

What is the power requirement of the Dell M1000e chassis?

Dell M1000e chassis comes with ultra-efficient power supplies. The M1000e chassis supports a maximum of six 3000W, 2700W PSUs, or up to six 48V DC 2700W power supplies, based on your data center requirements. The compatible PSU options include 2700W PSU with PNs G803N and 0G803N, 2360W with part number 0U898N, 3000W with part number 8V4DK, etc.

Can I change the shipping address after placing the order?

You can get in touch with us to request a change of shipping address. If your order has not been shipped already, we will provision the changes to ensure safe and quick delivery of the server to the desired location at the earliest.

How many server blades can M1000e accommodate?

Each of the M1000e enclosures can accommodate a maximum of 32 quarter-height blades. Or, you can go for other combinations such as 16 half-height blades or 8 full-height (which are also available in varied combinations) to integrate seamlessly into your data center.

What kind of warranty is offered for the Dell M1000e enclosure?

At ServerBasket, we offer a 3-year comprehensive warranty on hardware for your Dell M1000e enclosure. Within this period, if you face any kind of problems with operation, we will give you repair or replacement services to boost the server lifespan.

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