40 Gigabit Ethernet Switches


Buy 40 Gigabit Ethernet Switches Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Do you require low-cost, dependable, and certified routers for quick access to cloud apps in your organization? Visit the ServerBasket website to purchase affordable and high-quality Huawei routers that can increase network efficiency. Several Huawei router models/series are available on the SB platform, including the Huawei NetEngine 8000, AR630, AR2200, AR6200, and others. Furthermore, Huawei routers are perfect for cloud-based applications because they provide scalability, high bandwidth, simplified O&M, easy deployment, and excellent performance with low power consumption. Buy Huawei routers in India from the ServerBasket online store at the best prices. We guarantee a 90-day genuine warranty, instant and free delivery, and a simple return policy. We also provide 24/7 technical and IT installation help, free demos, and user guides. Please hurry! Buy now and receive huge discounts on large purchases.


Mini Design, Cable for Network & Power Capabilities

Get compact Cisco 40Gb Ethernet switches that are excellent for small companies or residences with limited space. These switches combine network and power capabilities into a single wire, minimizing the junk, simplifying installation and maintenance, and increasing airflow. These low-cost network switches utilize less power than larger switches, making them perfect for mobile applications.


A High-speed Uninterrupted Internet Access

Shop for HP Aruba 40GbE switches, which provide lightning-fast network connectivity with wire-speed forwarding. These switches are ideal for all enterprises, ensuring smooth network connectivity while delivering exceptional efficiency and throughput. They excel in handling resource-intensive tasks such as HPC, virtualization, cloud computing, and big data analytics.

Auto MDI-MDIX Crossover Configured Ports for Easy Connectivity

With an auto MDI-MDIX crossover-configured port, users may detect and modify cable types automatically. This arrangement streamlines network connectivity by eliminating the need for manual cable choice, making installation easier. Consider purchasing a Juniper 40Gb switch with MDI-MDIX crossover configuration for trouble-free connections between switches and network devices.

Advanced Features and Technologies Embedded

Mellanox 40GbE Switches have various advanced features and technologies embedded, including a watchdog to monitor and detect failures automatically, differential mode surge protection safeguarding switches from power surges, and remote power management capabilities offering troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance. These features of network switches will improve network reliability, reduce downtime, and enhance performance.


Improved Bandwidth with Greater Port Density

Get ServerBasket’s MikroTik 40Gb switches with higher bandwidth and high port density, featuring 12, 24, 32, and 48 ports. These switches provide more efficient data transmission and scalability within high-performance network environments, making them ideal for data centers and companies. Users can execute numerous resource-intensive operations such as cloud computing, HPC, Big Data, and virtualization.


Extensive Range of 40 Gigabit Switches Available

Explore the extensive range of 40GbE Ethernet Switches at the SB store to find models from Cisco(Nexus 9000 Series), Huawei (CloudEngine CE6800 Series), Juniper (EX4300 Series), MikroTik (CRS354 Series), Mellanox (SN Series), and many others, available at affordable pricing. Get a Dell 40Gb Switch Zaza to enhance your data center or enterprise performance and productivity.

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Our online platform enables you to buy gigabit Ethernet switches and have them delivered directly to your location with full security measures. We assure you of a simple process to acquire any products at your doorstep.

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In order to reassure our clients that the items they buy from us are in excellent condition and that they can return them without issue in the event of disappointment, Server Basket offers a 90-day warranty on each of our products.

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You must contact our technical support team right away if there is a problem. We have a skilled team of specialists on staff, and we’re ready 24/7 to respond to any queries or worries you might have.

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