Aruba Hpe Switches


Do you want to modernize your business network and reduce IT complexities with a next-gen fabric supporting growing needs and future technologies? Look no further! Enjoy error-free network configuration, high-speed connectivity, and improved business efficiency by deploying Aruba network switches, which are on sale at our SB online store at affordable prices. ServerBasket offers the best portfolio of Aruba network switches for enterprises driven by IoT, Cloud, and mobile networks. The collection includes Access and Aggregation, Enterprise, Campus Core, and Data Center switches. Experience relief from long troubleshooting instances with Aruba network switches, built with a simplified management console, role-based security policy, high scalability, etc.  Buy Aruba network switches from ServerBasket digital stores across India with 30 days credit, free live performance test, and other fantastic benefits.


Affordable, User-friendly, and Resilient Switches

Buy Aruba switches from ServerBasket at budget-friendly prices driven by dynamic automation, actionable diagnostics, and end-to-end security to enhance dependability and efficiency. The collection at our store includes all the Aruba products from CX 10000, CX 8400,  CX 6400, CX 8360, and other switch series.


Consistently High Network Performance with Modular Flexibility

Enjoy secure and simplified network access for your users and IoT with zero downtime using modular Aruba switches. They offer high availability and consistent network connectivity with various port configurations, including 2, 4, 8, 12, 24, and 48, helping you customize and scale networks flawlessly to meet business needs. 

Scalable Solutions for All Workspaces – Edge Access to Data Centers

Aruba offers scalable solutions for various work arenas such as edge, access, campus networks, and data centers, leveraging the benefits of aggregation and top-of-rack connectivity. They are specially designed to support several cutting-edge technologies in your business environments like IoT, cloud, 6G, and so on, delivering the most reliable connections.

Easy-to-use Management Tools and Analytics at Your Fingertips

Quickly deploy and manage Aruba PoE switche­s with their user-friendly tools and analytics with the benefits of zero-touch provisioning and seamless real-time­ monitoring. The switches feature the AOS-CX module, an analytics engine that boosts response times and reduces complexity, offering valuable­ insights to enhance network performance and efficiency.


Exclusively Built for New-age Network Needs

Get versatile Aruba Enterprise switches featuring Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) that integrates multiple automation capabilities and analytics to handle present and future business requirements. In addition, the Aruba network switches offer ultra-fast network connectivity with reduced latency, making them an ideal choice for businesses or industries demanding future-proof networking solutions.


Secure your Network from End to End

Using the Aruba network switches bolsters your network safety, promoting dependability, inte­grity, and data privacy. They aid you in se­curing your network from core to edge, fortified with zero trust security. Safeguard your valuable data from malicious threats with top-notch security features like role-based policy, network segme­ntation, and access control.


Easy Returns Policy & Warranty

Get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty cover on all Aruba switch purchases, guarding the product against defects and operational failures. If you are dissatisfied with our product, we provide an easy 7-day return policy.

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On-time Delivery

ServerBasket’s delivery services are available all over India, covering all major cities – Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, etc. We promise free, on-time shipping nationwide, no matter where you are!

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Contact us through call, text, or live chat during emergencies or difficulties. Our skilled professionals are available 24/7 to help you with setup, configuration changes, tech glitches like duplex mismatch, VLAN support, MAC address overflows, etc.

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