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Are you looking for an enterprise switch that works well with modern technology and is suitable for large-size businesses? Server Basket provides quality-certified enterprise network switches that are easy to manage and configure for entry-level businesses to DCs. The SB store offers Enterprise switches from Juniper, Cisco, Aruba, Dell, Fortinet, etc., with fanless and PoE variants aimed at intelligent power consumption. Well-tuned Enterprise network switches for Core, Distribution, and Access networks serve as a backbone for your high-performance DC environments. Track and monitor users and end-point devices of your branch and campus access networks with exceptional scale and security by employing enterprise-scale Ethernet switches. They help you transform your network fabric for hybrid work driven by advanced AI for zero-trust security and agility without compromise.


Simplified Operations with Unified Policy Enforcement

The intuitive management console on these switches allows you to simplify your operations and cut down the complexities in the network with unified policy enforcement. It matches your devices with dynamic traffic changes, achieves real-time traffic segregation, and sustains consistent role-based security policies for users and IoT across the network.


Modular Port Architecture and Design for Flexible Expansion

Modular port architecture in enterprise campus and branch switches provides you with the flexibility to expand, bandwidth gain, better resource utilization, L2/L3 routing, etc. The modular design extends the benefits of durability, elegance, easy maintenance, additional interfaces, power supplies, or cooling modules.

Hassle-free Deployment with Zero-Touch Provisioning

Enjoy an easy deployment and management experience with support for Zero Touch Provisioning. The feature significantly reduces the need for technicians, saving you labour on the complexities of tracking, setting up, and controlling various remote devices and their user access requirements. ZTP offers scripts via open APIs, letting your personnel configure the switch using a programming language they are familiar with.

Designed to Meet the Needs of All Network Scenarios

Browse our end-end collection of Enterprise switches for models from the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series, Aruba CX series, Juniper EX series, Arista 7050X 3series, Huawei CloudEngine S16700, 9800 series, etc. Steer seamless digital transformation and growth of your businesses in finance, retail, education, internet, manufacturing, and public sectors with the capability to handle big data analytics, new-age virtualization, cloud services, etc.


Built for the AI Era with Advanced Features and Technologies

Accelerate your network transformation with AI-incorporated enterprise switches, empowering your infrastructure core for modern challenges and growth. The Cloud-native switches enhance your network for high throughput and forwarding rate, integrating advanced hardware and software evolutions such as high-density PoE, multi-gigabit Ethernet, support for QoS, etc.


On-board Threat Intelligence Ensuring Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security in enterprise Ethernet switches combines advanced technologies shielding your network against data breaches, threats, attacks, and unauthorized access. The cyber-secure enterprise switches leverage intelligent access control, IDS/IPS, firewall, VPN, encryption, and so on, helping you reduce downtime and TCO.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Fast Shipping Across India

We provide instant shipping initiation when you place an order, which is delivered across cities in India such as Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Lucknow, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. Our shipping partners ensure a safe, on-time delivery of the Enterprise Switches to your door. 


90-day Warranty

SB store holds an exclusive 90-day warranty on the Switches from the date of purchase. The warranty includes services for repairs and replacements within that period, supporting your business continuity with backup. 

Hassle-Free Returns

Customer-centered Returns Policy

We secure your investment with a transparent 7-day return policy aligning with our commitment to responsible e-commerce. You may request a return via call, email, or live chat support.  

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