1 Gigabit Ethernet Switches


How do you choose a suitable Ethernet switch when there are so many options available?It might be difficult to choose an appropriate network switch; you have to determine your requirements before selecting the Gigabit Ethernet switch.Moreover, a Gigabit Ethernet switch enables sufficiently fast data transfer between several computers and other network devices in a LAN. In addition, our expert-tested Ethernet switches are the best option for networks with high-bandwidth needs and applications like video streaming and gaming. You can easily experience a higher data transfer rate, quicker download times, and better performance with additional ports connected to home-wired devices.If you have any questions, call our customer services staff to learn more about 1 Gigabit Ethernet Switches.


A Collection of Various Brands and Models

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a Gigabit Ethernet switch, you must go through the collection of different brands and models that are offered on our web platform such as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Arista, and so on. Here, you may compare switches and choose the one that will best serve the needs of your home or office network.


Rack-mountable Design for Easy Installation

A 1gbps switch is undoubtedly an excellent option if you want to extend your home or workplace network. Its rack-mountable design is simple to install and utilize. You may expand your business with amazing performance and create a flexible and trustworthy monitoring network without any complicated configuration.

Multiple Ports for Connections

Gigabit Ethernet switches often link numerous devices by physically connecting them to a single switch or a LAN of interconnected switches through their ports. The Ethernet switch controls the data flow between a device and other devices, applications, data, cloud services, and the internet after a device is connected to a port.

Auto-negotiation for Speed and Duplex

We provide Ethernet switches with an auto-negotiation capability that enables devices with 3 ports or more to talk with the link’s other device to establish the best duplex mode and speed for the connection. Data travels over the interface at typical Ethernet rates when auto-negotiation is enabled on a port.


Layer 2 Switching Capabilities

The suggestion to utilize a switch at Layer 2 when constructing your network architecture depends in part on the size, complexity, and privacy requirements of the network you’re operating. These cost-effective, user-friendly switches provide Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switching capabilities to connect and share common resources without requiring complex network settings.


Redundant Power Supply Options Available

Gigabit Ethernet Switches have an N+1 power supply redundancy feature. A 1gbps switch 8 ports uses PoE Technology, allowing data and power to be sent over a single cable. It considerably expands the versatility and range of the linked system with a total PoE power budget of 110 W, up to 30 W per port.


Hassle-free Product Replacement Process

It’s normal to be unsatisfied with the items. However, it is challenging to replace them. But not with us; you may confidently replace any of our products. You don’t need to invest more time and effort as our procedure is so simple.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Round-the-clock Technical Assistance

Do you want a hassle-free service with no stress? By using Server Basket, you can be assured that our professionals will be on hand around the clock to help you with any technical problems or questions you may have and provide speedy solutions.

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