Industrial Switches


Looking for industrial-grade Ethernet switches that suit your harsh working environment and specific requirements? Explore the exascale collection of ruggedized network switches certified and tuned for harsh Industrial conditions, facilitating seamless data transfer between PLCs, sensors, servers, etc., at the ServerBasket store in India. Digitize your manufacturing process with critical automation, cyber security, and reduced downtime with the Industrial switches. Designed to withstand high temperatures, possible exposure to dust and chemicals, vibrations, humidity, power surges, EMF, and so on, they provide cost-effective, reliable, and high-speed data communication between industrial network devices. Shop the industrial switches from various brands, including Dell, Juniper, Meraki, Fortinet, Aruba, Cisco, and Arista, with benefits like 30 days credit, performance testing, huge discounts of up to 30%, etc. 


Wide Assortment of Industrial Switches

Browse our collection of Industrial switches in Din-rail, rack mount, IP67-rated, and embedded form factors. Some of the models from our reliable store include Cisco Catalyst IE3200 Rugged Series, Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4010 Series Switches, CloudEngine S5735I-S-V2 Series Industrial Switches, Huawei Industrial Network Switches S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC and more.


Built-in Security for All Cyberthreats

Any disruption in Industrial workspaces can lead to unbearable losses, mainly when resulting from cyber attacks. Protect your plant operations from growing cyber threats with multi-layered protection, port locking, packet filtering, deeper asset visibility, integrated threat detection and response systems, and secure remote access features in these switches.

Rugged Design to Withstand Harsh Environments

With resilience based on durable IP30-rated materials, Industrial switches suit diverse networking needs, including outdoor uses. They promise longevity and reliable operation with 6kv lightning protection, anti-corrosion, ingrained resistance to a higher range of operating temperatures (-40 to 70 deg), vibrations, free-fall, and shocks.

Excellent Reliability and Redundancy for 99.9% Uptime

The industrial switches, with embedded ERPS technology and Spanning Tree Protocol, establish a reliable data link between devices with a recovery time of 50ms or lower. They guarantee a higher uptime with redundant power supplies, as power failure accounts for a large part of Switch failures in industrial environments.


Industrial Switches for Use Cases Across Industries

Whether you are looking for outdoor use or contained spaces, you can find network switches for every industry and use case at our online store in India. The store offers you Industrial network switching solutions for oil rigs, factory floors, manufacturing plants, electric substations, roadway intersections, transportation, and so on.


PoE, Multiple Port Options for Diverse Needs

Power your intelligent transportation, factory automation, smart city surveillance, modern agricultural needs, etc., with simplified cabling and control using multi-port Industrial PoE switches. They bring you the benefits of easy deployment, network monitoring and diagnostics, and lower power consumption, resulting in lowered expenses and compliance with standards.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Delivery Anywhere in India

We strive to deliver your order quickly and safely within 2-3 business days to any place in India, covering Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. Enjoy our tech advice and supervision free of cost for a successful deployment.


90-day Warranty Assurance

Our products pass multi-level testing and are available for live demos, reiterating our commitment to fair e-commerce. Besides, the Switches are secured by a 90-day warranty applicable from the date of purchase.


Lowest Prices, More Savings for Customers

Focus your investments on other aspects of your business growth and expansion. Server Basket offers industrial switches at the most reasonable and legitimate prices so that you can save more money without investing more.

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