Refurbished Dell EMC 550F Storage

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  • Improved Performance
  • Fast, flexible, affordable storage solutions
  • Inline Data Reduction
  • 3x Faster Than Traditional Storage
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
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Are you looking for a high-performance storage device that can support different kinds of workloads? Server Basket provides you with a series for midrange SAN storage, the Dell EMC Unity.

The Dell EMC storage is designed for excellent storage capabilities and reduced latency which is perfect for the SAN midrange applications.

With the Dell EMC Unity 550F, part of the Dell EMC Unity All-Flash family of midrange storage, you can ensure great performance for a wide range of mixed applications. Block and file, support, and built-in encryption are all included with your Dell EMC Unity 550F. In addition, the ecosystems of Microsoft, OpenStack, and VMware are all integrated well. If you’re on a budget, then you can get the Dell EMC Unity 550F for a reasonable price at Server Basket. You can also check out the Dell EMC Unity 350f all-flash storage specifications and the price at the Server Basket website.

Flexible, High-capacity Storage for Virtualization

Dell EMC Unity 550F is a perfect choice for Storage consolidation, server virtualization, and other demanding applications. The minimum number of drives supported is 6 and the Maximum is 500. Max raw capacity of Dell EMC 550F is 8.0 PB. It is equipped with a 2 x Intel 14-core, 2.0GHz CPU per array. It comes at the right cost for midrange SAN storage.

iSCSI Controllers with Optional Remote Snap software

Dell EMC Unity 550F comes with iSCSI Controllers with Optional Remote Snap software, and is enabled for increased data protection. These controllers allow data transport and replication across the SAN, enabling businesses to grow their storage capacity. The controllers allow sharing resources while being cost effective.

Optimized to Meet Your Growing Storage Needs

To meet your growing needs, each system has two storage processors, Both equipped with a complete 12 Gb SAS back end connection and Dell EMC’s unique multicore operating environment. Disk Array Enclosures provide more storage space, and online and offline controller upgrades are available for improved performance.

Encryption for Restricting Unauthorized Access

Dell EMC Unity 550F is equipped with RSA BSAFE, which it uses to produce each Data Encryption Key (DEK) at random. The DEK is utilized by the SAS controller to encrypt and decode user data with the advanced encryption algorithm and the XOR Encrypt with Ciphertext Stealing mode of operation.

Built-In Automated Data Tiering

Dell EMC Unity All-Flash family is equipped with built-in automated data tiering like the Cloud IQ feature. With CloudIQ’s cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics, and complete evaluation of the data you can gain intelligent insight into your storage health. Additionally, with proactive help and automatic remote support, continued operation is straightforward.

High Availability for 24/7 Workloads

Dell EMC Unity sets a new standard for simplicity in the midrange storage market with its streamlined customer installation, and 24/7 availability. Known to handle intensive workloads round the clock with ease, opting for Dell EMC Unity 550F is the right thing to do.

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