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dell emc unit


Are you struggling to manage the storage applications with ever-changing demands under budget constraints? Why don’t you try Dell EMC Unity? It is available at reasonable costs with modernized and simple design architecture and flexible deployments. These features enable it to meet the requirements of resource-constrained applications, especially relevant to mid-sized and large businesses. The cost-efficient and effective storage system provides all-flash optimized performance when handling networking, storage, virtualization, and cloud applications. EMC Unity storage embeds advanced data features to effectively manage the file storage workloads while supporting the VMware and multi-cloud environments. The inline reduction of Dell storage ensures the maximized flash value and enhanced performance. The traditional NAS systems are supported at Dell EMC that provides optimized business outputs even for high-end storage applications. You can experience greater efficiencies and minimized network latency for all enterprise and computing storage works with the all-flash storage array.

Suitable for Mid-sized Businesses and Enterprises

Dell EMC storage is ideal for medium enterprise applications as it is powered by Intel Xeon processors and hybrid and all-flash options. The central monitoring and reporting features provide the flexibility and simplicity to retain the digital data. It allows transforming the IT applications into advanced infrastructure based on enterprise-class services and optimized operational efficiencies.

Designed for Advanced Data and Flash Management

Towering up the performance of your virtual and unified storage applications with the advanced flash management features of Dell EMC. The simplified architecture of high-density flash and data services delivers efficient performance outputs with minimized response times. You can access data insights into storage health with predictive and proactive monitoring analytics leading to the optimized utilization of resources.

Supports Unified Block & File Storage for VMware Cloud

Dell EMC simplifies the IT transformation path with unified file and blocks storage platforms. It enables efficient and simple operations for establishing multi-cloud applications. It allows scaling the storage capacity and is easier to configure while supporting the VMware virtualization workloads with optimal performance. EMC is a cost-effective solution that fits into medium and large enterprise systems.

Maximizes Value of Flash with Inline Data Reduction

Dell EMC integrates with the modernized 2U architecture, designed to meet all-flash requirements with the support of inline compression and data deduplication. It includes higher density SSD’s that meet the storage needs with increased performance. The high-density storage enclosure provides excellent space by supporting up to eighty flash drives within three rack units that make the business storage efficient.

Supports Traditional NAS Environments

The file system architecture of Dell EMC is explicitly designed based on both traditional and transactional NAS use cases. It delivers high-end performance outcomes even in scalable and heavy business applications. The multicore optimized architecture of storage systems leverages to scale for maximum size without compromising performance degradation. You can manage cloud-based applications with automated operations.

Consistent Performance with Low Latency for Heavy Workloads

Dell EMC features modern and simple design architecture with all-inclusive software that ensures high-end performance for unified storage and diverse and remote applications. The integrated, affordable all-flash arrays support the adequate storage capacity for heavy workloads with consistent performance and reduced latency. It is a single and affordable solution for consolidating all block and file storage applications.

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