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    Cheap Storage Servers

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    Dell PowerVault MD3600F

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    Refurbished Dell EMC 550F Storage

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Refurbished San Storages

Do you need efficient storage systems for your mission-critical databases or VDIs of the data centre but have limitations in the budget? Choose our refurbished SAN Storage systems that simplify and automate the management functions involved in the IT infrastructure. They provide optimized performance when running business applications, including heavy workloads. SANs ensure zero downtime and high-end performance as we provide superior quality and genuine storage systems after performing multiple rigorous tests and quality procedures. Thin provisioning of SANs guarantees enough storage space for virtualization tasks while using the available space in the storage systems. Your business-critical data or files would be protected from malware or malicious activities based on our SANs infrastructure. The storage solutions are the best fit for running all business-critical, virtualization, and database systems. SAN ensures networking speed and reliability with the minimized response time and maximized application performance through centralized operations.

Networking Flexibility for Heterogeneous Connectivity

The SAN storage solution improves the network connectivity for heterogeneous systems. It gives the flexibility to add the storage servers without impacting the existing business data. SANs liberate the storage device and directly attach it to the network to build reliable and faster networks. It enables centralized storage and clustering to meet the increased demands while allowing heterogeneous access.

Multiple-user Optimization

All enterprise applications should require personalized, proactive, and predictive services. SAN environments would come with proactive alerting and monitoring systems to detect and address issues. SAN storage systems assure optimum network performance through multiple tuning sessions. SAN optimization features deliver enhanced performance aligned to the technical and business objectives that result in an efficient and productive process. 

High Performance and Uptime

Not sure about choosing the refurbished SANs? You need not worry about the quality and performance of our storage systems. Because we sell SAN storage only after testing them at the burn-in conditions and certified quality checks. We ensure that the SANs will deliver 100% uptime, making the business activities smoother and efficient, leading to productivity. 

Thin Provisioning for Virtualization

Utilizing the available space is advanced using the thin provisioning of the storage area networks (SAN). The optimum utilization of available disk space is provided when required for your business operations, and it expands further to meet the demands. Based on the required space for each user, the disk space of storage will be allocated flexibly to multiple users. 

Data Protection and Simplified Data Management

As every IT organization must protect the business-critical data, media, and files, the storage system comes with advanced data protection systems that secure the data against malware, viruses, or hacking activities. The well-established storage systems allow you to access, control and manage the data without any complexity while simplifying the business tasks related to IT management. 

Support of Business-Critical, Performance-Sensitive Applications

SAN systems are ideal for enterprise applications like virtualization, development and testing, VDI, databases, etc. You can expand the storage capabilities to fit into any size of the business system. SANs allow any storage application and add the storage capacity as per requirements without interrupting existing business operations. They enhance the overall system performance with increased data availability. 

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