Refurbished Dell San Storages

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    Cheap Storage Servers

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  • Dell PowerVault MD3600F

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    • 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Ports
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    Dell PowerVault MD3600F

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  • Refurbished Dell EMC 550F Storage

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    • Inline Data Reduction
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    Refurbished Dell EMC 550F Storage

     1,512,000.00 1,680,000.00 Buy Now

Refurbished Dell San StoragesIntroduction

Is your small or large enterprise running centrally on the storage applications and requiring an efficient solution to meet the storage needs? Purchase our refurbished Dell Storages at affordable prices from Server Basket. They provide high reliability and scalability features to enhance the storage capacity to be aligned to future demands. Dell SANs assure data security through integrated technologies like thin provisioning, data replication, and snapshots that recover the data when sudden failures occur. Dell SANs are ideal for running data-driven applications relevant to virtualization, HPC, etc. Our storage solutions enhance the speeds of data transfers and deliver high-end performance under heavy workloads while providing the improved availability of storage data. The disk space could be utilized at optimum and extreme levels to distribute data across multiple servers. You will gain the flexibility of adding the storage capacity and minimizing the upfront costs using refurbished SANs. 

Highly Scalable and Reliable Storage Solutions

If your business is required to meet growing demands, you can use our refurbished SAN storage solutions to expand the storage units for added capacity without any complexities. You can purchase the base storage array and scale the business by supporting the extended storage capabilities. Dell storage array is suitable for small, medium, and large companies. 

Multiple Data Security and Protection Features

The distributed RAID options of Dell storage enable data security or protection through advanced features like thin provisioning, snapshots, data replication, 3-level auto-tiering, an SSD read cache, and volume copy. The dynamic distribution of data across pools of drives will automatically return to the optimal states through the data rebalancing in case of sudden drive failures. 

Best Choice for Data-driven Organizations

Our refurbished storages provide a range of benefits like highly scalable and reliable storage solutions, improved storage utilization rates, and multiple reliability features for mission-critical data. These enterprise-class features are suitable for data business organizations, such as HPC, VMware virtualization, surveillance, etc. You can minimize the cost of ownership with our scalable Dell SAN solutions that increase productivity. 

Faster and more Reliable Data Transfers

Dell SANs ensure high-speed network access and faster data transfers based on the utilization of reliable communication protocols. SANs provide sustainable bandwidth features and increased data transfers to power up critical business applications. The storage infrastructure platform gives you the flexibility to evolve the IT needs to keep pace with real-time applications without compromising rapid data transfers. 

Improved Application Availability and Performance

The refurbished Dell Storage array has a simple and reliable infrastructure that ensures the high-end performance and increased availability of all business applications. It optimizes the virtualized workloads and addresses the storage capacity expansion. The features of scalability and flexibility ensure the applications will process at high speeds and reliable performance, leading to the success of a business. 

Enhanced Disk Utilization

Dell storage servers are specifically designed to meet versatile needs while supporting various storage drive types and enterprise-class software features. As the storage array has a centralized storage pool, it uses disk space through the distribution across different servers. The expansion enclosures of the storage array allow you to add the storage capacity for your business data centre.

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