Dell Server Bezels


Are you looking for effective bezels to protect Dell and other servers in your server room or data center? Server Basket provides you with Dell server bezels, which are vital in the structural integrity of the display and protection of the screen elements. With several data centers, it is very tough to stand out from the crowd. Thus, these server bezels provide additional security to the servers and serve as a branding opportunity, helping your organization to stand out from the competition. Dell server bezels come with a lock and key for better security against unauthorized access.  The best Dell server bezels help maintain a clear and consistent look, showing an image of proficiency and attention to detail. Server Basket provides Dell server bezels at ultimately low costs with many other benefits, satisfying all your server needs.


Various Dell Server Bezel Design Choices for Rack Organization

Dell server bezels offer various design choices. These bezels are designed to complement the looks of your server. Some of them available with us are – Dell PowerEdge 1U standard Bezel, Dell ME series 2U Bezel, Dell R440 Bezel, Dell R730xd bezel, Dell R720xd front bezel, Dell R620 front bezel, and many more.


Choose from the Different Bezel Types available

There are three options to choose from: a Locking bezel, which protects from illegal access and has a lock and key; an LCD Bezel with a locking metal bezel and an incorporated LCD screen; and a Filtered bezel with a unified filter for security from dust and its environment. All options are no available on all Dell servers.

Custom Bezel Options for Other Server Brands and Data Centers

Custom bezels are an excellent way to strengthen your data center for an elegant, branded look. We offer customized designs on different Dell servers and all other server brands. All bezels are designed in steel and made on a state-of-the-art Amada turret laser. Dell custom server bezels are fully organized and ready to install on servers.

Rack-Mount Server Display and Security Accessories

The rack-mount server display of the Dell server front bezel gives simple access to server and network data, enabling executives to observe and manage their framework effectively. It offers you a glossy and classy look with multiple secure accessories, which are the best for industrial environments.


Protect Data Center Hardware with Dell Server Bezels

Dell Server bezels come with locking mechanisms to avoid illegal access to the significant components of the server, like processors and hard drives, and unnecessary disturbances. The bezel is placed at the front side of the server, and it safeguards the hard drives and the power button from removing unexpected usage.


Secure Server Rack Access with Front Panel Solution

The Dell server front bezel has a secure server rack access with a lock to include extra protection and often also has an LCD screen, which shows the essential system information. Keep your servers safe from security threats with these reliable front-panel solutions.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Safe and Instant Delivery

We provide you a quick and easy delivery of the Dell server bezels within 2-3 business days. Once your order is placed and processed for payment, it will be packed and out for delivery to any location in India.


90-day Warranty

We assure the delivery of a quality product, but in rare cases, if your product has any issue, Server Basket provides you with a 90-day warranty on the Dell server bezels.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Round-the-clock Technical Support

If you have any queries regarding the product, you can contact our technical team, who will support you around the clock. Our team will always be glad to assist you.

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