Workstations Under 50000 (Dell and HP)

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  • 1 Year Warranty for Refurbished
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Are you interested in doing more than just regular things like email, web surfing, and word processing on your personal computer? Do you need more power to perform intense application work like rendering, 3D designs, animation, CAD, video, and audio creation and editing? Then, a workstation is all that you need. Server Basket (SB) has a broad range of refurbished workstations from Dell, Lenovo, and HP for you, which come with a price under Rs. 50,000. We can provide you with a deep learning workstation, high-performance workstation, office workstation, and workstations for rendering, whichever is your choice. These workstations carry the name and performance of their brands in the form of world-class engineering and high efficiency.

We have many options in workstations like Dell, HP, and Lenovo for you in multiple configurations, with superb features like high-end graphic processing units (GPUs), fast microprocessors, high-resolution displays, huge storage and memory capacities, and provision for more auxiliary connectivity, at budget-friendly prices. Buy workstations of your choice from us with 1 year assured warranty. We also provide round the clock technical assistance along with safe and fast delivery across India.

Effective Rendering and Designing Workstations

Creative professionals like architects, product designers, and video editors can reach top-level productivity and enhance the performance of their graphics workloads, with a variety of workstations available with us. These workstations can perform demanding design and rendering jobs and process substantial data files. These workstations come with high-performance professional GPUs that result in fantastic video and photo editing, 3D rendering, complex computer-generated imagery (CGI), and CAD. These workstations are designed for professional graphics applications and workloads.

High-End CPUs for Quick Rendering

Workstations have high end faster processors that enhance performance of intense rendering workloads like that by a Xeon workstation. All of the CPU cores are utilized during CPU rendering for 3D images and animations and encoding videos. Cores of the CPU control the rendering process's speed irrespective of the clocking rate of the cores. 3D computer programs also possess built-in CPU render engines that give fast and better rendering.

Huge Storage Space

Our refurbished HP, Dell, and Lenovo workstations provide you with massively scalable storage capacities in multiple configurations. Huge storage is ideal for performing heavy rendering and design tasks and for storing and backing up those as well. Many workstations also support extra storage options for storage-intensive heavy data workloads. You can keep, access, and back up large video renders on these workstations conveniently.

Render any Video Quickly

A Dell Precision or an HP workstation, for example, supports high-powered GPUs that have advanced features like high-frequency processing and multiple cores for faster video rendering. The video rendering process merges the edited video, animated effects, and audio into one video stream to present a final augmented video. Effects artists and video editors can now do more in less time.

Customized Configurations

We are a one-stop shop for all your workstation needs. We have workstations for deep learning, artificial intelligence, rendering, etc. from top brands and multiple configurations available for each of them. You get to customize the workstation according to your needs by selecting different software and hardware components. Our workstations cater not only to your present but also the future business requirements. We ensure that you get ISV certification with the workstation configured as per your technical specifications.

Run ISV Certified Applications

An HP or a Dell workstation would come certified to run the most sought-after Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified and other demanding rendering applications like Maxwell, Octane Render, Autodesk Revit, VRAY, etc. ISV Certification assures that rigorous testing has been performed on the workstation to boost its operation and make it dependable for major industrial applications. All our workstations can run ISV certified applications efficiently so that you can achieve superior performance at every step.

Various NVIDIA & AMD GPU Options

These workstations provide access to AMD and NVIDIA® excellent graphics starting from entry-level to cutting-edge 3D. They support powerful GPUs in multiple options that enable the operation of multi-threaded tasks like simulation and rendering smoothly. GPUs also provide flexibility to upgrade your systems with evolving needs. The GPU renderers with multiple processors and graphics cards can give your video rendering considerably higher speeds.

24/7 Tech Support

Good customer and technical assistance for you is our top concern. Whenever you face any issue with the operation of the workstation or any part failure, we are available 24/7 to support you via email, phone, and chat. Our expert support team will address and take care of all your queries and requests for the workstation you will purchase from us, within the shortest possible time.

1 Year Warranty Assurance

SB provides you 1 yr warranty assurance for repair and part replacement on our refurbished workstations from all brands. We make sure that your workstation functions well for your business needs and gives you the required performance without any issues. However, if there is a problem with any component, we offer an instant repair service or replacement of the malfunctioning parts.

Secure Shipping across India

Server Basket delivers products most securely across India. We use the best packaging material and tamper-proof sealed boxes so that your workstation reaches you safe with all the parts undamaged. We associate with the best shipping companies, so we deliver your workstation safely within 2-3 working days after you place the order.

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