Brand New Workstations

Sale HP Z4 G4 Workstation

HP Z4 G4 Workstation

 98,580.00  99,980.00
Sale HP Z840 Workstation

HP Z840 Workstation

 184,000.00  213,000.00
Sale HP Z230 Tower Workstation
Sale HP Z238 Microtower Workstation
Sale Dell-Precision-T7400-Workstation
Sale HP Z2 Mini Gen3 Workstation
Sale HP Z240 Tower Workstation

HP Z240 Tower Workstation

 51,980.00  55,000.00

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Brand New Workstations

At Server Basket, you can find a wide selection of workstations from amongst reputed brand names. Pick the workstation of your dreams and needs at affordable prices. Our list of branded workstations includes HP, Dell, IBM Lenovo, Cisco and more. You’ll find a large selection of workstations that suit well for running business-critical applications, and they come tagged with 3 years warranty. We custom build Brand New Workstations that we deliver to your specifications and make it fit your needs and budget.

Custom Configuration on Demand

Server Basket will customize your Brand New Workstations so that your purchase is tailor-fit to your function. You can customize your workstations so that you have the memory, storage, expansion slots needed for great output. Also, you can also count on our tech experts to pick the best workstation for your organization. We are ready to guide you every step of the way

OS of your Choice

Through the workstations that you purchase at Server Basket, be assured of having a plethora of Operating Systems to choose from. You can have your pick between various Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows Pro. You can also pick a Linux OS, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat OS, Ubuntu and more. Choosing an OS is not an option that many buyers get to use. However, we believe that picking a good OS will help smooth your operations, while also protecting your data, freedom from malware, viruses, repairs, and constant crashes.

Swift Shipping Facility

Server Basket treats your order on a priority basis. We have one of the most efficient and swift delivery systems to ensure that the order reaches your doorstep on the promised date. We ship across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and all other cities, so no matter which corner of the country you are in, you can rest assured that your order will reach you in a perfectly safe condition.

Round the Clock Support

Server Basket provides round the clock; 24/7 support. Our experienced technicians are available for you all hours of the day. You can reach out to the support via live chat, phone call or emails. Our staff will get back to you right away, and make sure that any problems or queries you have are taken care of.

Best Buy Back Options

Server Basket provides the best buy-back options in the market. Our buy-back options provide you with a multitude of benefits, ranging from future-proof technology, staying on top of the technology radar, cost-effectiveness and full assurance on end-to-end solutions. With vast experience and a countless number of products deployed, Server Basket is your right choice for purchasing brand new workstations

3 Years Warranty by Server Basket

Server Basket offers the best warranties when compared to all other workstation retailers in the country. We will provide full-coverage and absolute support for a window period of 36 months. During this period, any concern or query or malfunctioning will be addressed comprehensively by our highly experienced, certified and talented tech staff, so that your workstation come back to you as good as a new one

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