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Developers, scientists, researchers, engineers, and data scientists work in such fields that make possible new discoveries and provide solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. Then, there are creative professionals that give the world a taste of high-end graphics in the form of 3D visuals and virtual reality. All these tasks need the highest possible compute power and performance, which can be enabled only by GPU workstations. Server Basket has a wide variety of GPU optimized workstations that deliver powerful parallel processing needed by the compute-intensive workloads. They are ideal to take on all the demanding workloads, including high-performing computing (HPC) like deep learning, AI, ML, rendering, simulation, 3D, and animation. We have GPU-based workstations from all the popular brands, which consume less time to complete any operations but deliver faster performance. They are compatible with several design applications and take their throughput a notch above. Our Workstations come with 24/7 support, assured warranty, and a quick delivery guarantee.

GPU Based Workstations from Popular Brands

Server Basket offers many powerful GPU workstations from the best-known brands – Z series workstations by HP, Dell data science workstations, Edge XT workstations, NVIDIA-powered data science workstations, Lenovo P series workstations, etc. These workstations utilize the best-in-class graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD and the powerful Intel or AMD EPYC processors to deliver maximized performance for all kinds of workloads.

GPU Workstations for Powerful Parallel Processing

GPU parallel processing means using the GPUs as co-processors to accelerate CPUs for general-purpose computing. The GPUs that contain thousands of small cores speed up the applications running on CPUs by offloading some of the time consuming and compute-intensive tasks from the applications' codes. The applications operate faster, and their performance boosts up with the huge parallel processing power of GPUs.

Suitable for Demanding Workloads

If you are a graphics designer or creative professional, you need a workhorse to amplify the output of all your creative endeavors. A GPU workstation is an excellent machine designed for the most demanding workloads like rendering, 3D design, animation, and simulation. With graphics-optimized resources and several cores, a GPU workstation enables a faster and more efficient performance.

Faster Performance in Lesser Time

GPU workstations can rapidly influence and alter memory to speed up the creation of images in buffer frames. Their specialized graphics softwares and parallel architecture can deliver up to five times faster performance and eight times speedier computational simulation for design softwares. Their higher number of cores enable offloading from the CPU and hence faster operations while consuming lesser time.

Best for Design Applications

The GPU workstations are ideal for a variety of design applications. These applications can be for graphics, video editing and rendering, gaming, animation, 3D modeling, and AI, etc. In present times, GPU-based workstations are being used in many fields other than just gaming. They deliver enhanced resources and compute power to boost the performance of the design applications.

High-End GPU Capabilities for HPC

HPC has become an essential element in the progress of science and related analyses and discoveries. AI, ML, and deep learning are being used in making breakthroughs in different fields. GPUs make 3D visualization possible with their capability of parallel processing across various compute nodes. GPU workstations can run all modern and large-scale HPC applications quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

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