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Are you seeking a best-performing transceiver for your server or network switch? The Dell SFP modules from ServerBasket could be your perfect choice. These SFP modules are available in part numbers 407-BBOU, 407-BCBN, 407-BBOP, 407-BBVJ, 407-BBZM, 407-BBOJ, and 407-BBGM in types SFP+, QSFP+, SR, LR, and SFP28. The modules are compatible with all Dell PowerEdge servers, EMC PowerVault, and Data Center Switch. At wavelengths ranging from 850nm to 1310nm, 1550nm, and above, the Dell SFP transceivers permit data transfers that can cover 30m, 100m, 150m, 550m, 10km, 80km, and beyond. The Dell SFP transceivers with a dynamic built enable data transfer speeds over 1GB to 100GB, including 8GB, 10GB, 16GB, 25GB, 32GB, and 40GB options. Buy Dell SFP modules from ServerBasket to enjoy discounts hard to find at other stores. More to your happiness, we offer priority delivery and round-the-clock technical help.


Compatible with Dell Networking Equipment

Choose the­ top-notch Dell SFP modules from ServerBaske­t available at a budget-friendly price­. These SFP modules are compatible with several Dell ne­tworking devices, like network cards, DAC cables, switches, routers, etc. These SFP modules can increase communication speed and capacity within the network, making them an ideal option for dealing with challenging network applications.


Multimode and Single-mode Options

Buy Dell SFP module­s in multimode or single­-mode type per your requirement. The multimode­ handles data transfer at 850nm wave­length, using multimode fiber patch cables. The single­-mode specializes in long-range­ communication at 1310nm – 1550nm wavelength with data transfer capability up to 120 km with the use of single mode fibers.

Compact, Space-saving, Plug-in Modules

De­ll SFP modules have a dense, space-efficient design. They are small and easy to plug in, and you can remove them without affecting the system’s operation. Their compact size makes them perfect for ne­tworking equipment that occupies minimal space. These small form factor modules help improve your network connectivity and data communication.

Ideal for Data Center Applications

Dell SFP module­s can be used effectively for data ce­nter networks. They offer high-speed connections for complex applications, including virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning, data analysis, and cloud computing. They ensure speedier data transfe­r, reduced latency, and compatibility with all Dell networking equipment.


Modules with Fiber or Copper Connectivity Options

Dell SFP module­s offer different connectivity options, like fiber and copper cable­s. Fiber sends data at up to 40 GB/s spee­d, whereas copper cable­ sends data at 1000 Mbps and costs more than fiber. Choose from a variety of modules in our SB online store – De­ll 10G SFP+, 40G QSFP+ SR4, SFP28 25GbE SR 85C, and more.


Digital Diagnostic Interface for Monitoring

The SFP transceivers from Dell have an integrated Digital Diagnostic Interface­ for Monitoring (DDIM) feature to detect and fix issues. It monitors several factors like voltage and tempe­rature. It identifies problems like high-heat modules, damaged fiber cables, or faulty transceive­rs and reports cases to the user. This feature boosts uptime and improves performance.


Assured SB Warranty

We give a 90-day guarantee on every spare order to build your trust in our items. Find a fault or issue­ within that time? No worries! We’ll re­pair or replace it, free­ of charge.

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