Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Server

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  •  Best Choice for Enterprise Workloads
  • Enterprise Class Storage Performance
  • Compatible with Up to Two Processors (Intel Xeon Scalable Processors)
  • Cost-Efficient Performance
  • Wide Range of Storage Options
  • Customized Configurations Available
  • Automated Management Features
  • Get Free Installation Assistance
  • 24/7 Expert Tech Support
  • Assured 1 Yr Warranty
  • Instant & Secure Delivery in India
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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Server for Enterprise Workloads

If you need an affordable rack server with a customized configuration for your startup company, then have landed at the right place. Server Basket offers Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 rack server with the customized configuration at affordable price. This customized Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Rack Server comes with two processors and offers high memory capacity with wide storage options. It supports advanced management features like the XClarity controller, Administrator, XClarity integrator, and many more. It helps to streamline your business infrastructure and manage features like networking, storage, etc

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 delivers optimum performance, and its scalable feature will help your business production. The dual-socket compact 1U form factor will suit in different IT environments and an ideal choice for startups and SMEs. We always strive for customer satisfaction and deliver the best quality server. You can rest assure for the budget and quality, as Server Basket is one of the best online stores that sell the servers at very reasonable prices with quality. Server Basket offers pre prompt sales support, free installation support, 3-year warranty and instant delivery all over India.

Best Choice for Enterprise Workloads

The customized rack Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server is specially designed to manage an immense variety of workloads. It is suitable for Collaborations, file serving, IT infrastructure, entry cloud, hosting, online business, and scale-out workloads. Its compact form factor and the ability to manage workloads makes it ideal for different environments and ideal for Enterprise workloads.

Compatible with Up to Two Processors (Intel Xeon Scalable Processors)

The affordable Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server is compatible with Intel Xeon Platinum second-generation processors. You can use either upto one or two processors depending upon your business needs.

Cost-Efficient Performance

The Lenovo ThinkSystem rack SR530 offers multiple features that deliver great performance. It offers TruDDR4 memory with twelve 64GB DIMM slots and a maximum frequency of 2666MHz, and the maximum memory it can hold is 768GB. Also, you have a choice to choose your own memory configuration.

Wide Range of Storage Options

The maximum bays supported by this Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 is eight with maximum storage capability of 61.4TB. It holds 2.5 inches eight hot-swap SATA and SAS, or 3.5 inches four simple swap SATA, HS SAS/SATA drives. Also, it supports M.2 storage that offers a powerful boot drive option for an enhanced storage facility.

Customized Configurations Available

The easily manageable Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server can be configured as per your organization needs. You can customize the server hardware as per your business requirements. Customization is available for various hardware configurations like hard drive interface, hard drive size, processor, memory, raid controllers, etc.

Automated Management Features

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 offers the best management features that help you to manage the server and make firmware updates. The supported features are XClarity Controller embedded management, XClarity Integrators, XClarity Administrator, etc. These features assist in centralized infrastructure and streamline IT management.

Get Free Installation Assistance

You might know that the performance of the server will depend on the installation. If you are worried about the installation process, Server Basket is here to help you. We assure free installation support on purchasing Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server.Our experienced team will install the server by following proper guidelines.

24/7 Expert Tech Support

If you have any queries or if you face any issues with the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 rack server, you can contact our expert team at any time, our engineers are available round the clock 24/7 to assist you. You can utilize this technical support service any number of time through live chat, email or phone call.

Assured 1 Yr Warranty

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 has three years seller warranty, including its hardware components. You can claim for free repair or replacement of hardware if you encounter any problem during these three years.

Instant & Secure Delivery in India

Server Basket assures instant and secure delivery on customized Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 all over India. We securely pack the server in multiple layers to protect the server from possible shipping damages. We take very less time to deliver the server, and if your location is within the city, we can assure delivery within hours of purchase.


Additional information


Lenovo ThinkSystem



Form Factor

1U Rack-Mount


Intel Xeon Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum processors

No of Processors

Up to two


Intel C622



Memory Slots

12 DIMMs or 12 RDIMMs

Max Storage


Hard Drive Bays

4 LFF or 8 SFF

PCIe Slots


Storage Controller

RAID 0/1/10/5/50/6/60

Power Supply


Power Consumption

550 W or 750 W


1 Years

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How much storage capacity is supported by the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server?

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 server has a storage capacity with an upper limit of 61.4TB. The hard drive bays can accommodate either 4 LFF or 8 SFF SATA/SS SSDs or HDDs. The storage capacity of the server is highly impressive.

Does ThinkSystem SR530 have any built-in security features?

Yes. It has the best security features with Lenovo Business Vantage to keep the user data safe. The advanced RAID provides enterprise-class data protection. The AES NI support allows much stronger encryption of your data. There are features like power-on password, TPM 1.2/2.0, Front bezel locking, Tamper-free firmware updates, administrator password, optional TCM, etc. Lenovo ThinkShield allows security throughout the server’s lifecycle.

Is this server suitable for enterprise-level workloads?

Yes. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 has a 2-socket 1U rack server design so that you are on top of your workloads. These could be entry cloud, IT infrastructure, collaboration, file serving, hosting, scale-out workloads, or any other emerging/ traditional workloads.

What is the estimated delivery time for my order?

Once you successfully place the order of your Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530, we securely package and dispatch it. Our logistics group ensures that the shipment reaches to you in 2 to 3 business days at your door step in any of the Metro cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc.

Do you provide installation assistance for the Lenovo SR530 server?

Yes. You do not have to worry any further about the installation process. Our team of IT experts are available through remote channels providing you with clear guidelines to install the system successfully.

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