Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server

 46,199.00 48,999.00 (-6%)

  • Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server
  • Part number: 70LV002RIH
  •  Processor : Intel Xeon E3 (Quad Core) E3-1225 v5
  • Cache Per Processor: 8MB
  • Max Supported memory size: 64 GB
  • Raid Levels : RAID 0,1,5,10
  • Bulletproof security
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • 3 years seller Warranty
  • 24/7 Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on the location

Best offers on Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server at the low price in India with 24/7 expert support, 3 years seller warranty, shipping any location in India

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If you are looking for a server for office, small and medium businesses, personal purposes or for you home usage, Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server server is the best option for you. The IBM TS150 is designed with enterprise-class reliability features to boost performance and scalability. This TS150 tower server or 4U rack mount server has features to enhance serviceability and system uptime. Troubleshooting tasks are simplified with diagnostic software.

Powerful and Affordable

The Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server comes at very low cost compared to other competitors in India. They consume very less power. It is very powerful, versatile and can be configured to suit your needs. It is optimized to provide enterprise-class features.

Optimum Storage

Storage in the server is scalable and optimum. The enterprise-class storage and networking supports intensive workloads, such as web, office account and email. The storage expands as per your business requirements, whether small, medium or large scale business.


Our IBM TS150 Tower servers are flexible to customize the configurations as per your business needs. There are expansion slots and space on the server for addition of memory, internal drives and storage, network cards, raid controllers and external storage. You can make add-ons as business expands.


We Build TS150 servers are environment friendly as they are platinum certified, and consume very less power. This reduces your power consumption costs. It is considered as an eco-friendly server as the amount of emissions they produce is very minimal and consumes less energy.


The ThinkServer TS150 has a three-year or three-years seller warranty, based on the model, with continuous call center support and next business day onsite coverage for calls received before 5 PM. This warranty is valid from the purchase date of your product.

Low-price Guarantee

We guarantee to provide the server at low price when you buy online compared to any other server providers. The enterprise-class features are available at affordable price with great performance, security, reliability and scalability.

IBM Lenovo TS150 Tower Server Price List:

Basic Servers Standard Server Extortionate Server
Model TS150TS150TS150
Form Factor Tower or 4U-Rack MountTower or 4U-Rack MountTower or 4U-Rack Mount
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5
RAM 8GB 2x8GB4x8GB
HDD 1TB 3.5" SATA 2x1TB 3.5" SATA 2x 1TB 3.5" SATA
Price 461996119983199
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IBM Lenovo TS150 Tower Server Memory Price List:

Part No.DescriptionOffer PriceRetail Price
4X70G88316ThinkServer 8GB 2RX8 PC4-2133-E CL15 DDR4-2133 ECC-UDIMM73997899Buy Now
4X70G88317ThinkServer 16GB 2RX8 PC4-2133-E CL15 DDR4-2133 ECC-UDIMM1389914899Buy Now

IBM Lenovo Think Server TS150 Tower Server HDD Price List:

Part NoDescriptionOffer PriceRetail Price
4XB0G88760Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 3.5''1TB 7.2K Enterprise SATA 6Gbps HDD1239913099Buy Now
4XB0G88764Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 3.5''2TB 7.2K Enterprise SATA 6Gbps HDD1719918199Buy Now
4XB0G88755ThinkServer 3.5'' 1TB 7.2K SATA 6Gbps Hard Drive74997999Buy Now
4XB0G88756ThinkServer 3.5'' 2TB 7.2K SATA 6Gbps Hard Drive1059911199Buy Now
4XB0G88796ThinkServer TS150 3.5'' 4TB 7.2K Enterprise NL-SATA 6Gbps HDD2269924099Buy Now

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What reliability features does the Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 tower server offer?

Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 tower server has supreme reliability features as compared to its contemporaries. You can leverage the RAID controllers, error correcting code (ECC) memory feature, advanced hard drives, and also its network adapters at the best prices for your data center.

What is the function of the Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) in the TS150 server?

The TS150 server has in-built Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) in the processor. It has intuitive, industry-standard management tools for Out-Of-Band (OOB) remote support and management. From your location, you can easily perform updates and repairs remotely.

Does Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 support RAID?

Yes. Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 supports integrated software RAID 0/1/10/5. You can also upgrade it to entry hardware RAID. It is a reliability feature of the server to boost its storage foundation. The options of RAID controllers are Onboard SATA controller (non- RAID), ThinkServer RAID 121i for RAID levels 0, 1, 10, & 5, ThinkServer RAID 520i with part number 4XC0G88840 for RAID 0, 1, &10 and option for RAID 5, 50 upgradation.

How much memory does the Lenovo TS150 server support?

The Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 is an enterprise-grade server with good memory coverage. It has maximum memory support of 64GB DDR4 (4 x 16GB UDIMMs). It runs at a speed of 2133 MHz for faster performance. Scroll through the options that include 2400MHz TruDDR4 ThinkServer 1RX8 8GB & 2RX8 16GB modules with part numbers 4X70G88325 and 4X70G88326, TruDDR4 2133MHz ThinkServer 1RX8 4GB, 2RX8 8GB, 2RX8 16GB RAMs with part numbers 4X70G88315, 4X70G88316, and 4X70G88317.

Which processors are compatible with the Lenovo ThinkServer TS150?

Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 supports one Intel Xeon processor from E3-1200 v5 & v6 Series with up to 4 cores at up to 3.9 GHz. It also includes options for Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron. The processor allows up to 8 MB cache. Choose a processor of your requirement from the Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs E3-1220 v5 3.5GHz, E3-1225 v5 3.7GHz, E3-1230 v5 3.8GHz, E3-1240 v5 3.9GHz, E3-1245 v5 3.9GHz, E3-1270 v5 4GHz, E3-1275 v5 4GHz, and E3-1280 v5 4GHz.

Do you offer a secure online payment process?

Yes. Our payment gateway is highly secure. You can choose between credit card, debit card, or net banking options, based on your convenience. Through these authorized payment channels, we guarantee top-notch security of your payments.

Are installation services available to ensure proper server setup?

Yes. Do not worry about the installation process of your server in the data center with us. We provide you with remote support, guiding you clearly through for a proper setup of the server with our installation support service.

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