IBM Blade Servers

ibm blade servers

Choose Brand New IBM Servers for High Performance

Want to buy Brand new IBM Blade servers? Here you must find a wide array of IBM Blade servers with different levels of configuration. For example, PS 700 blade server supports SAP HANA application and all advanced applications and OS like Beta version. In comparison to other server suppliers, you will have the opportunity of guaranteed discount with 3 years warranty for the IBM server.

IBM blade servers offer faster response and processing of database interaction. So, your productivity will be improved significantly.  Experience the smooth and consistent quality of the IBM blade servers at the lowest price in the industry.

Complete IBM Blade Servers:

This is a server comes with Processor, Server RAM, Hard Drives, Ethernet Cards, Power Supply  and AMD blade with low energy consumption feature. Some more features are a Dual alternating power supply, Blade Center hot plug power with cooling modules and chassis redundant, Boot-time processor DE allocation, Customer setup and extension, Automatic reboot function on power loss,  Internal temperature control, ECC,  and chip kill memory.

Free Tree Sales Support:

You will surely obtain the best sales support for the clarification of your any kind of doubt. Once, your inquiry reaches our end, we put our effort to reach back you instantly. Step-by-step we decline all your problems and open the way of benefits using our skill and experience.

End to End Configuration:

Beginning from low-end to the high-end configuration, we satisfy the customers with an appropriate range of configured blade server within the limited budget. For example, The PS700 Type 8406 is a single-wide blade server and is used in an IBM Blade Center S (8886 and 7779), HT (8740 and 8750), or H (8852 and 7989) chassis unit, Some of the IBM Blade Server include IBM BladeCenter HS22, HS22V,  HS21, HS21 XM, HS23, HS23E etc

Ready For Demo:

If any confusion crops up before buying the system, our technical specialists are ready for demo at any time i.e. for 24×7 hours. An online demo is a less expensive one to convince the huge numbers of customers. But, in case bigger size requirement is there, our sales professionals reach out the customer’s place instantly.

Easy Price Comparison:

Among all ranges of server models, you will be able to select the right model according to your budget and can share with us for your customized requirement or any extra add-ons, which will be rendered in cheaper price.

Deliver anywhere in India:

We have no impediments at all to deliver the server to any regions of India like: Delhi, Kolkata, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Vizag etc. On accomplishment of purchase process online, we dispatch instantly with safe and secured packing through the referred courier or cargo.

24X7 Support with 3 yr warranty:

Check out with our customer care for warranty and service centers and terms of price. We employ both technical and non-technical executives in our customer care center to ease the worries of our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any single silly queries or doubts, we would love to assist you. Otherwise, you might be misguided by others. We assure you of our 100% assistance.

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