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Dedicated Server Hosting

30 Days Free Trial

We offer customized solutions based on your application needs to deliver an ideal blend of performance
  • Custom plans at Low Price
  • Server Remote Management (IDRAC, ILO, etc..)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with 100% Uptime
  • 24/7 Quick Technical Assistance
  • Need Help? Call/Whatsapp @+917337330402

 7,999.00 8,800.00 (-9%)

Plan Name ProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPRICE/MONTHBUY NOW
STARTERIntel Xeon E5-2620 CPU(6 Core/ 12 Threads)32GB2X480GB SSD Raid-1UnlimitedRs. 7,999/-Buy Now
STANDARDIntel Xeon E5-2620 CPU(6 Core/ 12 Threads)48GB2X480GB SSD Raid-1UnlimitedRs. 8,499/-Buy Now
ADVANCEDIntel Xeon E5-2650 V2 CPU(8 Core/16 Threads)32GB2x1TB SSD Raid-1UnlimitedRs. 11,499/-Buy Now
PREMIUMIntel Xeon E5-2650 V2 CPU(8 Core/16 Threads)48GB2x1TB SSD Raid-1UnlimitedRs. 12,499/-Buy Now
ENTERPRISEIntel Xeon E5-2650 V2 CPU(8 Core/16 Threads)64GB2x1TB SSD Raid-1UnlimitedRs. 12,999/-Buy Now

SBINDDS-1Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads)64GB3x1TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 14,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-2Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads)128GB3x1TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 19,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-32 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(24 Core/48 Threads)128GB3x1TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 24,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-42 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(24 Core/48 Threads)256GB3x1TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 29,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-52 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(24 Core/48 Threads)384GB3x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 34,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-62 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(24 Core/48 Threads)512GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 39,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-72 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3 CPU(36 Core/72 Threads)256GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 40,999/-Buy Now
SBINDDS-82 X Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3 CPU(36 Core/72 Threads)384GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 44,999/-Buy Now

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

Best Customized Hosting Services

Our customized hosting service offering includes – custom dedicated servers, private cloud hosting, VPS server hosting solutions, networking, and multi-cloud connectivity. Our hosting services like dedicated hosting and custom VPS ensure the strictest security, compliance, and privacy that make your single-tenant exclusive hosting environment perfect for I/O intensive and mission-critical applications. Our custom servers and cloud platforms are hosted in the most advanced and secure tier 4 data centers. You can get around the clock server management and monitoring service along with the servers with customized hardware. We assure you get 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth with our hosting service. We provide redundancy of resources with our customized hosting, which is also designed as a future-ready virtualization service. Share your goals with us, and we will create a hosting environment that will be the best fit for your needs.

Customize your Dedicated Server

Customized Solutions Based on Applications

We offer customized solutions based on your application needs to deliver an ideal blend of performance, reliability, flexibility, and affordability to meet your organization’s objectives. Our customized solution can accommodate any kind and size of application. Whether you choose a dedicated server, VPS, or cloud, we provide you with a robust and easily scalable hosting environment to launch your applications.

Servers with Customized Hardware

Our custom hardware solution can develop the server system for you that meets your needs accurately. Whether you need additional hardware like RAM or drives for storage, database, or big data, we can easily configure your server according to your exact needs. You may want to change some components or need a complete rebuild.

Redundant Tier 4 data center

Our customized servers are located in tier 4 data centers that deliver high levels of redundancy to ensure all-time availability of the essential components like network, equipment, cooling, programming and control. Our data centers are double-powered and have generators to enable longer hours during any crises. The cooling systems are also redundant as they give double the power for favorable temperatures that allow no disruptions in the operations.

Free Migration with no Data Loss

Our customized hosting service provides free migration from your current hosting provider. We do it in a phased manner, which defines the task deliverables during the installation phase only. We obtain access to your old server and receive archives of databases or files, as required. We then migrate databases and files to our server. We ensure there is no data loss during the migration but maintain a backup of the data. We follow a QA process to confirm a successful migration.
Hyper-V Technology
deep learning gpu dedicated hosting

All Time Server Monitoring

We have a server monitoring system that collects all the operational data like CPU usage, disk space, memory, log files and other metrics. It also collates the user access data and displays everything in real-time on a dashboard. We keep checks on server security and install updates when required. We take care of the OS upgrades and daily server maintenance in every aspect.

Future Ready Virtualization Service

In future, more focus will be on converged networks and advanced cloud infrastructure. There will be new network intensive applications and data will move at 100 times the current speeds of the internet. So, we have developed a future-ready virtualization service which can easily upgrade to a cost-effective solution with future networking technologies.

Benefits with Server Basket

We understand the importance of your business needs and continuity. We wouldn't want any disturbances in your daily operations and app performances. Our customized hosting involves deployment of redundant servers to provide you the benefits of backups, availability during maintenance and for load balancing. Redundant servers use all resources in the same way but stay offline till they are needed as live servers. Our solution is built to remove any roadblocks in the way of your continuous business operations.
Expert Technical Support

24/7 Management Service

With our 24/7 management service, experience the difference that expertise can make. For your servers' daily operations and management, your IT team's productivity can take the brunt. We will help you perform all the essential tasks for maintaining the servers and enabling them to function at the highest level of performance. As a managed customized hosting provider, we will manage the hardware, security, software, and backups for your server so that you focus just on your business.
100% Uptime Assurance

100% Uptime Assurance

Since our servers are hosted in tier 4 data centers, we assure you get a 100% uptime all the time. So, you can, without any worries, operate your demanding workloads and host your crucial applications on our customized servers or cloud hosting platforms. We monitor the network performance continuously to reduce latency and increase performance of our servers and your business.
Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our hosting service delivers unlimited bandwidth to allow unlimited space and speed for data transfer. It means you can upload or download as much data as you want. You get seamless transmission of data from the website to the users. Unlimited bandwidth is very important if your website is highly visible online and generates huge traffic. Your specific web apps also need unlimited bandwidth to remain available online all the time. We don’t keep any tabs on your bandwidth usage.

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

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