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SEO VPS hosting in India

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  • Superior quality SEO hosting India
  • SEO Hosting India
  • Free SEO Tools For VPS Servers
  • Cheap SEO VPS Hosting Plans
  • 99.9% Up time
  • 24×7 Server Support
  • High-performance
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes


Buy VPS Servers With Pre- Installed SEO tools, multiple IP’s hosts to your website, cheap SEO VPS hosting plans in India.

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SEO VPS Dedicated Server Hosting Price List:

Product IDSpecifications Price Buy Now
NanoDual Core CPU/ 4 GB RAM/ 100 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOSRs. 899/Month
MicroDual Core CPU/ 6 GB RAM/ 150 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOSRs. 1199/Month
MegaQuad core CPU/ 8 GB RAM/ 200GB SSD/ 1IP/ CentOSRs. 1799/Month
GigaHexa Core CPU/ 16 GB RAM/ 300GB SSD/ / 1IP CentOSRs. 2399/Month
TeraOcta core CPU/ 32 GB RAM / 500 SSD / 1IP / CentOSRs. 2999/Month

Cheapest SEO VPS Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

Specifications NanoMicroMegaGigaTera
CPUDual Core CPUDual Core CPU Quad Core CPU Hexa Core CPUOcta Core
SSD100 GB150 GB200 GB300 GB500 GB
Windows 3 Years PlanRs. 899/MonthRs. 1499/MonthRs. 2099/MonthRs. 2699/MonthRs. 3299/Month
Windows 2 Years PlanRs. 1049/MonthRs. 1749/MonthRs.2449/MonthRs. 3149/MonthRs. 3849/Month
Windows 1 Year PlanRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1999/MonthRs. 2799/MonthRs. 3599/MonthRs. 4399/Month
Windows 6 Months PlanRs. 1349/MonthRs. 2249/MonthRs. 3149/MonthRs. 4049/MonthRs. 4949/Month
Windows 3 Months PlanRs. 1424/MonthRs. 2374/MonthRs. 3324/MonthRs. 4274/MonthRs. 5224/Month
Windows 1 Month PlanRs. 1499/MonthRs. 2499/MonthRs.3499/MonthRs. 4499/MonthRs. 5499/Month
Buy-WindowsBuy Now Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Linux 3 Years PlanRs. 899/MonthRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1799/MonthRs. 2399/MonthRs. 2999/Month
Linux 2 Years PlanRs. 1049/MonthRs. 1399/MonthRs. 2099/MonthRs. 2799/MonthRs. 3499/Month
Linux 1 Year PlanRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1599/MonthRs. 2399/MonthRs. 3199/MonthRs. 3999/Month
Linux 6 Months PlanRs. 1349/MonthRs. 1799/MonthRs. 2699/MonthRs. 3599/MonthRs. 4499/Month
Linux 3 Months PlanRs. 1424/MonthRs. 1899/MonthRs. 2849/MonthRs. 3799/MonthRs. 4749/Month
Linux 1 Month PlanRs. 1499/MonthRs. 1999/MonthRs. 2999/MonthRs. 3999/MonthRs. 4999/Month
Buy-LinuxBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Meet all your related and required needs at low price using our comprehensive SEO VPS hosting in and around India with provided extensive range of features such as abundant disk space, bandwidth, unmatched 99.9% uptime, full root access, unlimited Indian dedicated IPs, speedy access in India for getting top results in, resource scalability options, 100% uptime and 24/7 technical support.

Full Root Access

We offer full root access to the client for managing and going through their website status and provided CPanel control panel for accessing installed inbuilt applications at any time whenever required without any fail.

Indian Dedicated IPs

With each and every SEO VPS hosting server, we offer unlimited Indian dedicated IPs to the users so that they will not face any issues even during the case of website access during internet/network issues and high peak workload times.

Located in India

We serve the customers available in different locations across India with SEO VPS hosted servers so that they will not face any issues while using and accessing their websites now as well as in upcoming future.

SEO VPS Hosting

Once we host your websites, we promise that your website will be one in the top results while searching with provided speedy access across India and added website SEO optimization.

Any time scalable

User can even scale the resources i.e., storage, memory, disk space, bandwidth as per project or application requirement at anytime from anywhere by contacting our 24/7 available support team either via email or telephone.
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What is SEO VPS hosting?

A VPS hosting service that intends to enhance and improve the speed and performance of your website’s SEO is preferred to be known as SEO VPS hosting. This is highly beneficial for those who wouldn’t compromise on their website’s SEO.

How Is SEO VPS hosting beneficial for my website?

Websites that are hosted on this SEO VPS hosting experience better uptime and performance compared to those that run on shared hosting. On top of that, your website doesn’t have to share resources with any other sites in VPS hosting.

Does low latency help with Indian Datacenters to boost my SEO rankings?

Server Basket takes extreme care of all the server resources and ensures that they provide fast propagation and low latency to help improve your website SEO ranking. You can completely rely on our services to gain the best user experience.

Where is your Datacenter located?

Our data centers are located in all major cities in India. Some of them include Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. All these tier4 data centers remain under constant surveillance and are managed by the most experienced and trained technicians.

How is SEO VPS protected from vulnerable attacks?

Server Basket takes extreme care of all the websites that are being hosted on their data centers. All our servers are protected by firewalls and use DDoS protected software to secure the data and files from malicious attacks and breaches.

How much uptime guarantee do you provide as it is essential for me to run my website 24/7?

Aforementioned, all our servers are housed on tier4 data centers and guarantee 100% uptime to all the websites being hosted. With uninterrupted availability, you can run your websites 24/7 without experiencing any latency and downdrifts and improve SEO beyond expectations.

Do you provide automatic backup options? Are backups free or are there a hidden cost?

Under the managed SEO VPS hosting, we provide automatic backup options to all your website data. And there are no hidden costs for the backup services. Contact our support team to learn about the backup facilities on each hosting package.

Do you provide 24/7 technical support? If yes, how can we easily get in touch with you?

Yes, Server Basket has a special team of technical experts who will stay online round-the-clock to process all your doubts, requests, and issues. You can get in touch with our team through LiveChat, WhatsApp, call, or mail for immediate assistance.

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