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Dedicated VPS Server Hosting Pune

 899.00 1,199.00 (-25%)


    • 100% Server Uptime
    • Free Backup Management
    • Maximum Security
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Dedicated IP’s
    • 24/7 Live Chat Support
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Bullet Proof Guarantee
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location


Best VPS Server Hosting Company Pune At Cheapest Cost In India Less Than Dealers With Unlimited Ticket Support With 24/7 Service support

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Dedicated VPS Server Hosting Plans & Pricing:

Product IDSpecifications Price Buy Now
NanoDual Core CPU/ 4 GB RAM/ 100 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOSRs. 899/Month
MicroDual Core CPU/ 6 GB RAM/ 150 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOSRs. 1199/Month
MegaQuad core CPU/ 8 GB RAM/ 200GB SSD/ 1IP/ CentOSRs. 1799/Month
GigaHexa Core CPU/ 16 GB RAM/ 300GB SSD/ / 1IP CentOSRs. 2399/Month
TeraOcta core CPU/ 32 GB RAM / 500 SSD / 1IP / CentOSRs. 2999/Month

Dedicated VPS Server Hosting Pune Plans & Pricing:

Specifications NanoMicroMegaGigaTera
CPUDual Core CPUDual Core CPU Quad Core CPU Hexa Core CPUOcta Core
SSD100 GB150 GB200 GB300 GB500 GB
Windows 3 Years PlanRs. 899/MonthRs. 1499/MonthRs. 2099/MonthRs. 2699/MonthRs. 3299/Month
Windows 2 Years PlanRs. 1049/MonthRs. 1749/MonthRs.2449/MonthRs. 3149/MonthRs. 3849/Month
Windows 1 Year PlanRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1999/MonthRs. 2799/MonthRs. 3599/MonthRs. 4399/Month
Windows 6 Months PlanRs. 1349/MonthRs. 2249/MonthRs. 3149/MonthRs. 4049/MonthRs. 4949/Month
Windows 3 Months PlanRs. 1424/MonthRs. 2374/MonthRs. 3324/MonthRs. 4274/MonthRs. 5224/Month
Windows 1 Month PlanRs. 1499/MonthRs. 2499/MonthRs.3499/MonthRs. 4499/MonthRs. 5499/Month
Buy-WindowsBuy Now Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Linux 3 Years PlanRs. 899/MonthRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1799/MonthRs. 2399/MonthRs. 2999/Month
Linux 2 Years PlanRs. 1049/MonthRs. 1399/MonthRs. 2099/MonthRs. 2799/MonthRs. 3499/Month
Linux 1 Year PlanRs. 1199/MonthRs. 1599/MonthRs. 2399/MonthRs. 3199/MonthRs. 3999/Month
Linux 6 Months PlanRs. 1349/MonthRs. 1799/MonthRs. 2699/MonthRs. 3599/MonthRs. 4499/Month
Linux 3 Months PlanRs. 1424/MonthRs. 1899/MonthRs. 2849/MonthRs. 3799/MonthRs. 4749/Month
Linux 1 Month PlanRs. 1499/MonthRs. 1999/MonthRs. 2999/MonthRs. 3999/MonthRs. 4999/Month
Buy-LinuxBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Find Dedicated VPS server hosting plans at Pune from Server Basket at affordable plans. We have economic and customized hosting plans to serve your business. Enjoy dedicated resources, SEO optimized hosting, secure data center services and speed access to a website with VPS Server Hosting Pune. Choose the best dedicated VPS server hosting plan at Pune to experience powerful VPS hosting, supporting high-end applications, 100% uptime and 24/7 tech support.

Affordable Dedicated VPS Server Hosting Pune Plans

Server Basket offers you dedicated VPS Server Hosting Pune plans at affordable prices to meet your business budget limitations. We have economy plans suitable to any sized organization located in and around Pune. We are leading dedicated VPS server hosting providers at Pune with high-quality hardware, maximum uptime and at lowest prices.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated servers are chosen mainly for the dedicated resources allocation, offering ultimate productivity. Our dedicated VPS servers ensure to offer dedicated resources, like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, disk space etc. only to your server. No worries about sharing your resources with other servers on the network. Your VPS servers have the maximum amount of resources performing with high stability. When you opt for the plan, you will be notified about the resources allocated to your VPS and we will not deliver anything less than that.

Local SEO Optimized Server

It's highly beneficial to host your dedicated VPS servers locally at Pune data center. Implement VPS server hosting servers from Server Basket to your business located in Pune city, to attain the attention of local customers. Locally hosted servers gain SEO Ranking on Google search, offering optimized services. SEO ranking attracts relevant local traffic, makes your website to run on the higher side with more profits. You can climb the search engine rankings quickly using local IPs hosted at your local data center from Server Basket.

Host high-end Applications

Dedicated VPS servers are very powerful to host all your high-end business applications. VPS servers use virtualization technique to convert your server to multiple virtual servers, running on own OS and applications. Multi-OS support and dedicated resources increases the capability to handle any sort of application efficiently. Your business is now ready to support any sort of application based on your requirement.

Speed and Secure Access around Pune

Local hosting within your city like Pune offers you higher security and fastest access to your website. Customers visiting your website can get access to your website easily and no downtime complaints from the customer end. When you host your website outside the city or country, you have to consider many security and access scenarios which hinder the performance of your website and also reduce the customer traffic.

Highly Secured Pune Data Center

Server Basket guarantees to host the dedicated VPS servers on Tier 4 Data center located at Pune. It's really advantageous for business to host their data on Tier 4 data center which is the most secured data center and that too locally within Pune city. Our Pune data center offer industry standard performance and high security to your servers. With local Pune data center hosting, you websites runs 3 times faster with ultra-low latency.

100% Hosted Server Uptime

Local server hosting offers 100% server uptime with no issues like server unavailability to your website visitors. With Local data center hosting at Pune, Server Basket promises you with 100% server uptime and also offer local support immediately in case of downtime. In case of any longer downtime, we shift your server hosting to other server in the data center.

24/7 Local Pune Technical Support

Locally hosted servers enjoy local technical support 24/7 from the expert support team. You can contact our professional support team, at any time of the business, as there are no time difference and language problems. We have a very friendly support team, who can offer services to you in local regional language to customers hosting at Pune. We respond within 15 minutes, once you raise the complaint and try to fix the issues within 24 hours.
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