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SAP Hosting Providers

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  • Cost-Effective SAP Hosting Solutions
  • Leading SAP Application Hosting Services
  • SAP Certified Cloud Provider
  • Best SAP Managed Hosting Provider
  • Automated backup facility
  • Secure network with firewall and anti-virus protection
  • Zero Investment on SAP Cloud
  • Sap Certified Datacenter
  • IT Outsourcing Provider for SAP
  • Bullet Proof Security
  • 24×7 Professional Support
Get Best SAP hosting services in India with Free SAP applications, high end sap hosting hardware, sap certfified datacenter, 100% Uptime, Low price Guarantee
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SAP Cloud Hosting Plans:

Product idSpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy Now
SBINDCL-1Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 12 Cores - 6c/12t/8x 2.3 GHz speed/ 8 IP's/ 64 GB RAM/ 2x1,000 GB SATARs.14,999/-
SBINDCL-2Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 12 Cores - 6c/12t/8x 2.3 GHz speed/ 8 IP's/ 128 GB RAM/ 4x1,000 GB SATARs.19,999/-
SBINDCL-3Dual Xeon E5-2660 CPU/ 16 Cores - 8 c/16 t/2.20 GHz+ speed/ 8 IP's/ 128 GB RAM/ 4x1,000 GB SATARs.24,499/-
SBINDCL-4Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2 CPU/ 24 Cores - 12 c/24 t/1.8 GHz+ speed/ 8 IP's/ 256 GB RAM/ 4x1,000 GB SATARs.29,499/-
SBINDCL-5Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU/ 24 Cores - 12 c/24 t/2.40 GHz+ speed/ 8 IP's/ 128 GB RAM/ 4x1,000 GB SATARs.34,499/-
SBINDCL-6Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU/ 24 Cores - 12 c/24 t/2.40 GHz+ speed/ 8 IP's/ 256 GB RAM/ 4x1,000 GB SATARs.43,999/-

SAP Cloud Hosting Service Price List:

Product id
SpecificationsPrice /Month
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Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 64 GB RAM/ 2x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.14,999
Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 128 GB RAM / 4x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.19,999
Dual Xeon E5-2660 CPU / 128 GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.24,499
SBINDCL-4Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2 CPU/ 256 GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.29,499
SBINDCL-5Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU / 128GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.34,499
SBINDCL-6Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU / 256GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.43,999

Manage and optimize daily operations of SAP application environment with the help of our SAP cloud, HANA application hosting service at low price. ServerBasket is one of the most popular SAP hosting providers in India, offering best SAP cloud, HANA hosting solutions with provided application and infrastructure management. Our SAP managed hosting services comes with built-in scalability, security and flexibility. You have the option to leverage your desired set of SLA at reduced costs. With our deployment services, you get greater interoperability, shorted application development cycles, ERP and CRM solutions, security management, 24/7 support services, extended monitoring, and 100% network uptime. Why late choose sap hosting from India’s best sap hosting provider.

Best SAP Hosting Packages

We provide customizable SAP server hosting packages to fit all types of business categories. Based on requirements, we configure the SAP server in such a way that they help to attain high reliability, complete access control, cloud bursting, ERP, and CRM solutions. Prioritize and upgrade your sap hosting service packages as per need!

Cost-effective SAP Hosting:

We configure your SAP server on a virtualized cloud environment in such a way to reduce the cost of setup and management. Our new pay per use model reduces your upfront costs make our sap application hosting services cost-effective. Right size the number of licenses as required and only pay for what we provide!

Best SAP Solution Provider in India:

We provide highly managed, flexible, and secured SAP software hosting services to the users. Our Application Cloud Services are SAP HANA ready to help you streamline migration to SAP HANA to gain competitive edge. And we also deliver ERP and CRM solutions to run your business smoothly which makes us as the best managed SAP Hosting solutions provider in India.

SAP Certified Providers:

We are the certified SAP cloud hosting providers, we guarantee you to provide the best-in-class sap hosting services. Our infrastructure supports the latest SAP environments and is designed to meet the performance requirement with seamless interoperability. Our state-in-art datacenters ensures data integrity and security. We provide end-to-end sap hosting solutions as well as managed sap hosting services.

SAP DR Solutions:

We are having certified SAP Team to give SAP related solutions; we have replaced traditional disaster recovery (DR) options with the latest ones to guarantee high availability. Our DR solution is designed to adapt to the customer’s requirements. We have implemented VMware SRM and Hana-Specific disaster recovery options for maximum availability.

100% Uptime:

Stability and Scalability are guaranteed with our Tier-4 infrastructure! We host your SAP server data in a special technology environment for low latency. We implement best-in-class hardware for maintaining 100% network uptime for the smooth running of your sap hosting business.

Bulletproof Security:

To protect your critical data, we have designed our SAP cloud hosting with the best security technologies to provide data integrity and security. We perform security compliance audits from time to time to ensure maximum protection to data from the best sap provider in India.

SAP Experts 24x7 Support:

Our highly professional SAP expert team is available 24/7 round the clock to assist you with any type of queries and suggestions. The Certified SAP expert support is provided solutions via email, live chat, telephone, and ticket request system.

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