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If you are into Ethereum mining or planning to start mining, the regular servers will not suffice your needs for mining operations. Contrasting enterprise servers, mining servers are designed for mining tasks only. Ethereum mining involves the use of technologies for digital money, worldwide payments, and related applications. Ethereum mining is open to all; anyone in any part of the world can do it on the internet. Mining servers, or miners as they are called, pack the latest Ethereum dealings into and work on the cryptographic issues to help validate those transactions to ensure the accuracy of the ledger entries. At Server Basket, you get the mining servers that are configured with the most advanced computing hardware, powerful processors and graphic cards, and high-capacity SSDs. They come with pre-configured mining softwares and enable real-time mining reports. They support smart transaction programming language and offer high levels of security against any cyber-attacks. Server Basket is your place for the best Ethereum miners.

Configured With High-End Computing Hardware

Server Basket’s Ethereum mining servers belong to the top tier and are configured with high-end computing hardware. They are built with advanced system configurations and operating systems, power-packed processors, and other high-performing components. Their design is optimized for a high-speed work rate among all the server components to deliver the highest level of performance for Ethereum mining tasks.

Built with Powerful CPUs & Graphic Cards

Ethereum mining requires powerful servers for complex algorithms and calculations. The server can be CPU-based or GPU-based; you can choose any of the mining rigs. Server Basket offers both kinds, built with the latest processors that have cores and threads as high as 32 and 64 respectively along with huge-sized cache, and powerful GPUs. Both can efficiently handle blockchain-based technology.

Support Smart Transaction Programming Language

Blockchain technology gave way to digital money, which has become programmable money. The cryptocurrency transactions are based on the agreed contracts called smart contracts. They are built using different programming languages like Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, Ruby, and Solidity. C# and Solidity are used to write the Ethereum-based smart contracts. Our servers support all smart transaction programming languages.

High Speed & Large Capacity SSDs

For high-performance mining servers and applications, high-speed SSDs with huge capacities are needed. Our servers come with large-capacity SSDs for both Windows and Linux operating systems. They provide plenty of space to install the operating system and the best mining softwares. SSDs boost up the operating systems to perform better and enable maximized mining experience for you.

High security from External Attacks

Ethereum mining faces many security challenges and risks, such as malware and cryptojacking. They can slow down and overheat your system, attacking all its mining resources and destroying it eventually. These widespread attacks can prove costly for you. That is why we take security seriously and ensure your mining servers are equipped with the latest intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Real-Time Data Mining Report

Currency mining uses and exchanges a lot of data globally, which is studied to predict future transactions. The data load keeps on increasing, so analyses are done in real-time, combining statistics, AI, database technology, etc. Different applications are used for data mining to generate real-time reports. Our mining servers support all data mining programs and enable their optimal functioning.

Pre-Configured with Mining Softwares

Ethereum mining has not only gained popularity but has also become the most profitable cryptocurrency. One of the important components for successful Ethereum mining is suitable software. Some popular ones are – ETHminer, BFGMiner, CGMiner, WinETH, Geth, EasyMiner, Lolminer, and T-Rex. Our mining servers come pre-configured with some of these mining softwares. You can choose the one you need.

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