Dell DAC Cables

  • DELL 10G 1M DAC SFP+ Cable

    • DELL 10G 1m DAC SFP+ Cable
    • Device Type: DAC SFP Cable
    • Data Rate: 10Gbps
    • Voltage: 3.3Vdc
    • Wire Gauge: 30AWG
    • Cable Type: Copper Cable
    • Compatible With: DELL R440, DELL R230, DELL R330, DELL R250, S4048-ON, S5212F-ON, S5224F-ON, PowerConnect 6224, M8024, M8024K, S4148U, Dell Networking N4000 Series etc.
    • 90 Days Warranty
    • Free Delivery all over India
     3,008.00 3,338.00

    DELL 10G 1M DAC SFP+ Cable

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  • DELL 10G 3M DAC SFP+ Cable

    • DELL 10G 3M DAC SFP+ Cable
    • Device Type: DAC SFP Cable
    • Data Rate: 10Gbps
    • Voltage: 3.3Vdc
    • Wire Gauge: 30AWG
    • Form Factor: SFP+ Cable
    • Compatible With: Dell Networking N1500 Series, N2000 Series, N3000 Series, N3024EF-ON, S6100, X1018, X1026, Power Connect 6224, 6224F, 6224P, 6248P, M6220, M6348, M8024K, Dell PowerEdge R6415, R7415 Servers etc.
    • 90 Days Warranty
    • Free Shipping Across India
     3,437.00 3,815.00

    DELL 10G 3M DAC SFP+ Cable

     3,437.00 3,815.00 Buy Now


Do you need an efficient cable to link fiber networking devices for fast connectivity over a long distance? Opt for a Dell DAC cable, which offers cabling and optical choices for both short and long-range communication. These affordable DAC cables are easy to use and appropriate for various campus and data center applications. Dell DAC cables can quickly meet the demands of modern rack architecture and upcoming equipment upgrades. The cost-effective and simple DAC cables by Dell have a Twinax copper cable that may link up to 10 m and reach speeds of 200 Gbps or more. These high-quality cables can directly connect to the line cards or ports of your active equipment. Server Basket offers Dell DAC cables at low prices, accompanied by various benefits like quick delivery, warranty cover, and installation guidance. 


Comprehensive Collection of Dell DAC Cables at SB

Dell DAC cables, such as DAC-SFP-10G-3M SFP+, DAC-SFP-10G-1M, DAC-SFP-10G-7.0M, DAC-Q28DD-200G-3M, and others, are available at Server Basket. Our DAC cable options pass rigorous compatibility testing, function as intended, and provide excellent flexibility and an adequate user experience. 


Available in Various Lengths and Speeds

Your fiber networking equipment can be connected with flexible Dell DAC cables at 40G, 10G, and up to 200 G. There are 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m, and 10 m fixed lengths available for these cables. Our team can create a customized line for your desired size and speed. 

Cost-saving Connectivity for Short-range Interconnects

DAC is generally a reasonably inexpensive short-transmission solution due to its straightforward internal architecture. Since Dell DAC cabling doesn’t require electricity, no heat is produced or dissipated. It also doesn’t require upkeep or troubleshooting. It almost eliminates downtime, which promotes workspace consistency and, ultimately, generates revenue.

Enhanced Performance with Superior Bit Error Rate

In today’s data centers, the necessity for high-speed data transfers has grown significantly, demanding dependable and effective cable connectivity solutions. We provide highly reliable Dell DAC cables with improved BER performance and lower power consumption for quicker communication lines. These cables enable low latency and are Ideal for short-distance transmission.


Reliable Alternative to Optical Cables

Fiber optic cables are built on resilient, modern technology that can tolerate harsh temperatures and environmental conditions. Dell DAC cables offered on our website have a lifespan of 500 million hours, making them an excellent option for any application. Indeed, DACs perform better in environments with higher temperature tolerance.


Suitable for Diverse Businesses and Applications

Data centers frequently utilize our DAC cables to provide direct port connections between switches, routers, and servers, either inside the same rack or across different racks. Dell DAC cables offer a variety of configurations and high-performance, eco-friendly computer network cabling solutions for a wide range of applications and enterprises.

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7-day Returns Policy

There is no need to worry if this easy-to-install, reasonably priced, and compatible Dell DAC cable solution does not meet your needs. If you would like a complete refund, you may return our products within our easy 7-day return policy.

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