Server Backplanes

  • DELL R620 Server Backplane

    • Dell R620 HDD Backplane SFF
    • Product Type: HDD SAS SATA Server Backplane
    • Number of Ports: 8 Ports
    • Compatibility: Dell R320, R420, and R620
    • 24/7 Chat Support
    • Assured 90 Days Warranty
    • Thoroughly Tested and Certified by Professionals
    • Free Shipping Across India
     4,162.00 4,620.00

    DELL R620 Server Backplane

     4,162.00 4,620.00 Buy Now
  • Dell R630 Server Backplane

    • Dell R630 Hard Drive Backplane 2.5-inch
    • Product Type : HDD SAS SATA Server Backplane
    • Number of Ports: 8 Ports
    • Supported Servers: Dell R430, DELL R630
    • Price Match Guaranty
    • Assured 90 Days warranty
    • Tested Before Dispatch
    • 24/7 Technical Support
     6,490.00 8,112.50

    Dell R630 Server Backplane

     6,490.00 8,112.50 Buy Now
  • DELL R720 Server Backplane

    • Dell R720 Server Backplane SFF
    • Interface: SAS/SATA
    • Number of Ports: 8 Ports
    • Supported Server: Dell R720, R820
    • Low Price Guaranteed
    • Thoroughly Tested by Experts
    • Certified Genuine Products
    • Fast shipping All Over India
    • 24/7 Chat Assistance Available
     8,000.00 8,880.00

    DELL R720 Server Backplane

     8,000.00 8,880.00 Buy Now
  • DELL R730xd Server Backplane

    • Dell R730xd Server Backplane
    • Interface: HDD SAS SATA 24 x 2.5″, and 12 x 3.5″
    • Number of Ports: 24 Ports
    • Compatibility: Dell R730xd, Dell R730
    • Certified Genuine Products
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Completely Inspected and Certified Components
    • Quick Shipping Across India
    • 24/7 Support for Chat
     10,000.00 11,111.00

    DELL R730xd Server Backplane

     10,000.00 11,111.00 Buy Now
  • DELL R840 Server Backplane

    •  Buy Dell R840 Server Backplane 24 x 2.5″
    • Device Type: HDD SAS/SATA Server Backplane
    • Number of Ports: 24 Ports
    • Compatibility: Dell R740, R840 & R940XA
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Low Prise Guarantee
    • Genuine Certified components
    • Instant Delivery Across India
     9,999.00 11,111.00

    DELL R840 Server Backplane

     9,999.00 11,111.00 Buy Now
  • HP DL360 G9 Server Backplane

    • HP ProLiant DL360 G9 Server Backplane
    • Device Type: HDD SAS SATA Server Backplane 8 x 2.5″, and 4 x 3.5″
    • Number of Ports: 8 Ports
    • Compatibility: HP ProLiant DL120 G9, DL160 G9, DL160 G10, DL325 G10, DL360 G9, DL360 G10
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Tested and Certified Components
    • Free Shipping
    • 24-hour chat support is available
     3,240.00 4,050.00

    HP DL360 G9 Server Backplane

     3,240.00 4,050.00 Buy Now
  • HP DL380 G9 Server Backplane

    • HP ProLiant DL380 G9 Server Backplane 24 x 2.5″, and 15 x 3.5″
    • Type of Device: HDD SAS/SATA Server Backplane
    • There are twenty-four ports.
    • Compatibility: HP DL380 G9, HP DL388 G9
    • 24/7 Chat Assistance Available
    • Low Cost Promised
    • Certified and extensively tested components
    • Delivery Chargers Vary Based on Location
     12,000.00 13,333.00

    HP DL380 G9 Server Backplane

     12,000.00 13,333.00 Buy Now
  • HP DL380P G8 Server Backplane

    • HP ProLiant DL380P G8 Server Hard Drive Backplane
    • Product Type: HDD SAS Server Backplane 12 x 3.5″
    • No of Ports: 12 Ports
    • Compatibility: HP DL380P G8
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Product Tested and Certified
    • Free Shipping
    • 24/7 Technical Support Available
     4,160.00 5,177.00

    HP DL380P G8 Server Backplane

     4,160.00 5,177.00 Buy Now


Do you fear damage to your rack server or unauthorized access to your storage drives? Get reliable, branded server backplanes for your servers and do away with your fear. The server backplane will protect your server and drives and allow you to maintain and manage them easily. Server Basket offers backplanes for all types of servers and drives from Dell, HP, and other brands. It is an essential piece of hardware for your system that joins multiple modules and elements and facilitates the movement of signals, power, and data between them. Each of our backplanes has unique advantages. Our engineers thoroughly inspect their design and assembly to ensure they can withstand high-speed data transfer; simply plug in the modules, and they will begin to function as a unit. Additionally, we can modify your server backplane to match your system’s needs precisely, increasing its scalability.


High-speed Signal Transmission with Multi-layered Backplanes

The characteristics of the HDD backplanes we offer are clear and distinct, manifested over several layers, and capable of transmitting signals at a rapid pace. Layer alignment during the backplane board fabrication process requires a high level of attention and technology due to the increased layer count and drilling hole count, which our expert team can help you with.


Connect More Drives and Devices to Servers

A network communication and data transmission shift towards high-speed and mass-volume transmission enables the HP server backplane with quality controllers and contemporary electric connectors, allowing you to connect more drives to the server. The backplane connects multiple electric circuits in parallel, linking each pin to its corresponding pin to each connector to form a full computer bus.

Cable Management Solutions for Reliable Server Performance

A backplane acts as a cable management solution, significantly affecting the system’s cooling effectiveness, ventilation, and overall performance. Purchase a certified blade server backplane form us to guarantee uninterrupted, dependable operation and increased uptime. Installing a structured cabling system might offer defense against environmental dangers like power surges.

Active and Passive Backplanes Available

The quality and performance of the server backplane are verified by our experts in both cases, either active or passive. An active backplane houses the slots and the circuitry required to oversee and regulate all inter-slot communication. Only bus connections and little to no extra circuitry are included in a passive backplane, though.


Add Stability and Mechanical Strength to the System

You have to test this 2U server chassis SAS backplane connector server as a plane for connecting additional system components and providing mechanical strength and stability. Server Basket offers a flexible variety of backplane connectors suitable for nearly all applications, ranging from low to medium, high, and ultra-high speed.


Maximize Server Space with Reduced Need for Bulky Cabling

Our expert assistance allows us to build a thoughtfully planned, secure, and safe server environment for you. With the help of our Dell server backplane, you can optimize server space and minimize the need for extensive, bulky connections, keeping your IT infrastructure modernized and your server room neat.


90-day Warranty Assurance

Yes, a secure 90-day warranty is included with all our products, including the HDD backplane. In the event of damage or issue, Server Basket must offer prompt repair and a suitable solution that satisfies your expectations.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Instant Shipping and Delivery

Would you want to receive an entirely free server backplane? Purchasing a highly customized server drive backplane from SB online will enable you to obtain the items safely and securely delivered to your home at no cost.

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

Purchasing a server backplane from SB gives the advantage of our 24/7 technical support by experts. They are available around the clock to assist you with any issues you run across while utilizing our products, and they may offer a fast cure.

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