Rack Enclosures

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  • Ideal for Rack Servers
  • Designed for Cooling
  • Optimized power Consumption
  • Heat reduction with Maximum Air Flow
  • Compatible with all Dell, HP Equipment
  • Highly Secure with Cost effective Prices
  • Maximized optical cable performance
  • Best Load Bearing Capacity
  • Deliver Across India
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Do you want improved security for your servers in racks? Do you need their protection from unwanted persons? You need server rack enclosures or cabinets that come provisioned with up to 42U servers and lockable doors and sides. Server Basket sells well-designed rack enclosures with locking side panels and doors for better security of your servers and network equipment. They are designed in such a way that they give you multiple access points at different levels and secure them too. For stricter security measures, they can even provide you with enhanced features like combination locks and remote detection of any intrusion. Our rack enclosures are suitable for server rooms and data centers where several servers reside. The quality of our racks is high, and they are sturdy. They provide convenient cable access and management and can even take on heavy equipment. These rack enclosures keep the network equipment well organized and allow a higher level of airflow and heat dissipation. These stronger cabinets are more secure and can bear heavy loads. We have a vast collection of rack enclosures at discounted prices. Order yours today! We deliver anywhere across India.

Suitable for Server Rooms & Data Centers

We have different kinds of rack enclosures - cabinet enclosures, portable racks as well as floor-standing enclosures and all of these are built on the same design principles to allow easy and quick installation and maintenance. They save space and are perfect for server rooms and data centres where numerous servers are put together. They keep the servers and equipment completely secure and organized.

Mount Any Brand Rack Server

Our rack enclosures can be used to mount rack servers of any brand. They are suitable for any height of units (U height) of servers and can keep them positioned efficiently. The enclosures can be locked at doors and sides, thus giving extra security to your servers and preventing any intrusion. Most of the branded rack servers fit well in our enclosures and can be maintained and serviced easily.

Racks with Easy Cable Management

You will not like tangled cables choking your enclosures and obstructing the airflow. Our rack enclosures allow easy cable management as they support toolless mounting of different cable managers – external, internal, vertical, horizontal and even high-density ones which organize huge quantities of network-patch cables effectively. Good cable management reduces human error, thus resulting in lesser downtime. Undisturbed airflow keeps the system cool and highly available.

High Quality & Long-Lasting Racks

We sell only high-quality rack enclosures that are made up of durable metals like stainless steel or carbon steel. These metals are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and moisture resistant, and it makes them strong and long-lasting. They are designed with high security in mind and come with locks to prevent any tampering or unauthorized access. Their doors also prevent any accidental touching of buttons or cables.

Designed with Maximum Airflow & Heat Dissipation

Server racks usually pack a lot of equipment that weighs huge. Obviously, that results in a lot of heat generation also. Our rack enclosures are designed to allow maximum airflow and handle the heat load resulting from high-density installations and dissipating it evenly. These enclosures have perforated doors to permit extensive front to rear airflow for more effective cooling. You can even add accessories like thermal duct kits that route the hot air and pull heat from the enclosure.

Easily Accommodate Heavy Equipment

Our rack enclosures are strong, sturdy and durable, made from high-quality material. They can easily take on heavy equipment, including the rack servers, network equipment and cables and even cable managers. These enclosures come with all the necessary features and functionality to meet the needs and applications of all kinds of rack-mount servers. These enclosures are developed for easy installation, combining power distribution, maximizing airflow and cable management.

Huge Collection of Racks at Offer Price

Server Basket has a huge collection of rack enclosures in different heights and sizes. Some of them have portability features also. We offer highly secure and durable rack enclosures to help you keep your servers positioned properly and protected. You can choose the type of enclosure according to your needs. Our prices are lower than the other sellers, and we offer special discounts too, especially on bulk orders.

Keep Your Network Equipment Organized

Rack enclosures help in keeping your network equipment accessible and organized. The enclosure has a rack within it which is closed off and kept out of sight for a tidy look. It is beneficial if you want your network components neatly organized but not visible. Besides, the enclosed area provides an additional layer of security and safety to ensure that your server system stays intact and available.

Secure Cabinets with High Load Bearing Capacity

Our rack enclosures serve as secure cabinets and have high load-bearing capacities. They can load heavy equipment easily with the highest level of efficiency in installing servers and the parts of network equipment. Their strength and durability are unmatched when it comes to load bearing. They can take up the weight of servers and network components, cable managers and other accessories efficiently.

Quick Delivery Across India

We are committed to delivering our products across India by fast means as we value your trust in us. Your satisfaction is the most important to us. Whether you order one enclosure, ten or in bulk quantities, we make sure that they are delivered to you within 3-4 business days even if your location is a corner of the country. We have associations with the best shipping companies who help us in delivering your products safely to you, without delays.

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