Cisco ISR 2900 Series Routers

  • Cisco 2911/K9 Router

    • Rack-Mountable Form Factor
    • Integrated Services Router
    • VPN Support Included
    • Robust Security Features
    • High-speed WAN Connectivity
    • Extensive Expansion Slots
    • Easy Replacement Policy
    • Fast Shipping in India
    • 24/7 Customer Assistance
     120,000.00 133,200.00

    Cisco 2911/K9 Router

     120,000.00 133,200.00 Buy product
  • Cisco 2921/K9 Router

    • Cisco Integrated Services Router
    • Multiple Protocol Support
    • Integrated Services Router
    • Network Management Capabilities
    • 3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
    • 3 Digital Signal Processor Slots
    • Fast and Safe Shipping
    • Free Expert Installation
    • 24/7 Technical Assistance
     89,000.00 98,790.00

    Cisco 2921/K9 Router

     89,000.00 98,790.00 Buy Now


Buy Cisco ISR 2900 Series Routers Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Which Cisco ISR router should you select on the basis of your throughput requirements? Does that question bother you? We have the answer for you.
The Cisco ISR 2900 routers are made to accommodate today’s medium-sized branch offices and are intended to provide branch virtualization and enrich media interaction while lowering operational costs.
With the greatest selection of WAN connections and excellent performance that delivers concurrent services, Server Basket’s Cisco 2900 series routers can deliver virtualized apps and highly secure collaboration. They provide you the ability to connect to several clients and domains while transferring data safely and securely.
There are several models of the Cisco ISR 2900 series that are readily accessible at the lowest price and help you grow your business network globally.


Improved Video Abilities Enabled by Support for Futuristic DSPs

Choose our Cisco 2900 routers for higher levels of service integration as they are built with a Gen 2 platform that supports high-capacity DSPs for future-enhanced video capabilities as well as new energy monitoring and control capabilities while boosting system performance throughout your remote, office, and network edge.


Simplified HW/SW Deployment with New Service Ready Engine Module

By separating the hardware and the software, the Cisco ISR 2900 router series’ “Service Ready Engine” gives users the option to activate all the services as required. Its configuration makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to future-proof their network by enabling them to roll out branch-office services more affordably and rapidly.

Various Applications for Network Monitoring and Management

By proactively monitoring router performance data, system logs, and security logs in real-time, having a Cisco IOS enterprise-class management tool is intended to help you avoid future network issues. Due to the integration of these services, you can continually check the security of your network and make improvements when new threats emerge.

Savings on Expenses and Investment Protection with a Single Platform

Cisco’s 2900 Router Series is designed to offer services at their best on just one platform, which lowers deployment costs and boosts flexibility. With compatibility for various existing ISR modules, including hardware-assisted data compression and, in the future, hardware-assisted data encryption without utilizing an external interface slot, this platform also provides investment protection.


Integrated Ports for Gigabit Ethernet

Seeking the fastest Gigabit Ethernet router ports? A high-speed, dependable network connection for many devices is what Gigabit routers like the Cisco ISR series routers are designed to do. The onboard WAN ports are all 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN routed ports, which makes it the perfect choice for usage in high-bandwidth applications.


A Comprehensive Collection of Cisco ISR 2900 Models for Networks

The Cisco ISR 2900 Series includes many router models–Cisco 2951, 2921, 2911, and 2901 Integrated Service Routers. Additionally, the routers support copper, fiber GE, xDSL, T3/E3, and T1/E1 options for wired and wireless connectivity.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Speedy and Safe Delivery

Do you urgently require to buy a Cisco 2900 router in India? Rest Easy! All of our equipment, including Cisco 2900 routers, is inspected prior to shipping, and we guarantee free, safe delivery at any location. We promise to deliver the item you want in perfect condition and according to your exact specifications.

1 Year Warranty

Secure Warranty of 90 days

Why do you prefer SB when buying the Cisco ISR 1800 router series? You are guaranteed a 90-day warranty when you purchase any item, which protects it in the event of damage or other problems. Suppose a product doesn’t satisfy the needs of your business. We’ll provide you with a smooth replacement service.

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Expert Technical Support

For your Cisco ISR 2900 routers, we offer round-the-clock technical assistance from skilled and professional IT experts, including installation and platform-based maintenance services. You may thus concentrate on expanding your firm without having to fear that underdeveloped networks will hamper it as a result of bad management.

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