Cisco Routers

cisco routers

Are you seeking low-cost routers to securely transfer data packets between networks in your data center or cloud environment? ServerBasket offers reliable and efficient Cisco router and for sale in India at budget-friendly prices. Our online store provides various Cisco router models with distinct part numbers from Cisco ASR, ISR, NCS, ISR G2, CRS, and 800 series. Cisco network routers provide end-to-end administration and versatility for your LAN, WAN, and cloud networks. These routers also feature quality of service (QoS), integrated security, and routing protocols to enable optimal data transmission.
Buy the feature-rich Cisco routers online from the ServerBasket shop at the lowest price across India. We offer a 90-day warranty on each router purchase, fast and free shipment, and a trouble-free return policy. Additionally, we provide free demos and round-the-clock technical and IT installation help. Order today to grab huge discounts on your bulk purchases.

solutions for networks

Solutions for Networks of Every Type and Size

Cisco enterprise routers are adaptable to multiple industries and small, medium, or large enterprises alike. These routers can connect branch, edge, WAN aggregation, industrial, virtual, small business, and service provider core networks. Furthermore, you can purchase these routers from SB and achieve high ROI, intent-based networking, machine-to-machine interconnectivity, and more.

Digital-ready Routers for a Wide Range of Applications

SB provides Cisco’s digital-ready routers to help you set up an uninterrupted network for your organization. These routers can handle a wide range of applications running on your network. They enable network automation, IoT administration, security assurance, and seamless cloud connection with their dynamic software, hardware, and scalability, making them an excellent choice for modern networking demands.

equipped with advanced technologies

Equipped with Advanced Technologies and Security Features

Buy cheap Cisco wireless router from the SB store and gain access to their impressive features and technologies, such as Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Ethernet VPN, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, Cisco ONE Software, and IPv6. Additionally, our routers offer robust security features, including intrusion prevention, VPN support, and seamless integration, ensuring dependable network performance and protection against threats.

Comprehensive Management and Monitoring with Cisco IOS

Cisco routers offer comprehensive management and monitoring features using the Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System). They allow effective network infrastructure control and oversight, assuring optimum efficiency and security, with capabilities such as real-time network visibility, configuration management, and network monitoring tools.

seamless interoperability

Seamless Interoperability Over Various Vendors & Protocols

The Cisco ISR routers support an ideal interaction with other vendors like juniper and microtic. These routers offer extensive support for industry standards and protocols like BGP, OSPF, and MPLS, ensuring smooth integration within diverse network environments and improving connectivity and communication throughout the network landscape.

redundancy high availability

Redundancy, High Availability and Customization Options

Cisco routers provide robust redundancy and high availability to ensure that networks perform continuously. They can use Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), and custom failover configurations. They also offer various customization options for small-scale businesses, facilitating users to customize network configurations according to their needs.

Fastest Delivery Across India

Quick Shipping and Safe Delivery

Our delivery network operates pan-India, extending services to all major cities in India, such as Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, etc. We deliver your products on time with zero-cost shipping and a hassle-free return policy.

qualified support team

24/7 Available Technical Support

Contact us immediately through live chat, call, or email for any issues. Our skilled, dedicated team is available around the clock to assist you with technical and IT-related matters.

90 Days Warranty

Secure 90 Day Warranty

Rest assured, we offer a 90-day secure warranty on each router or spare purchase. If there are any defects or faults, we fix them or replace the part free of charge within the specified time limit.

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