Cisco ISR 3800 Series Routers


Buy Cisco ISR 3800 Series Routers Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Are you searching for a trusted online seller of the best routers for smooth networking at low prices, offering easy returns? Look no further, as ServerBasket has the ideal solutions for you. Get the latest Cisco 3800 series router to match your networking demands. This series leverages the newest portfolio of Integrated Services Routers, thus delivering high-availability networking, diverse choices in LAN/WAN connectivity, and improved network management. Unlock the power of the innovative Cisco ISR 3800 routers to run your networked enterprise applications seamlessly. ServerBasket offers discounted deals, 24/7 IT support, a no-trouble return policy, and a one-year warranty on your purchase. You can visit to request a quote now and grab excellent deals!


Enhanced Network with Advanced Security and Management Abilities

A Cisco 3800 series router has high-end specs. It has high-performance architecture optimized for business growth. With integrated future-proof security and management capabilities, it is the right solution for your business. The router effectively safeguards your sensitive data with advanced encryption to eliminate vulnerabilities.


Router Framework Optimized for Deployment of Multiple Concurrent Services

Cisco ISR 3800 routers can easily meet your power requirements while minimizing electricity bills. With wire-speed T3/E3 rates, they can deliver multiple concurrent services smoothly. The data, video, and voice services hence run uninterruptedly for continuous business performance. The router framework is optimized for future service growth.

Support for NAC, V3PN, and DMVPN Applications

Operate your mission-critical applications, including NAC, V3PN, and DMVPN apps, consistently with Cisco 3800 routers. The router functions as a single, efficient platform for the agile deployment of secure applications and networks. It offers comprehensive security and management to run your essential applications effectively.

Integrate Functions of Different Devices on a Single Platform to Reduce Costs

Cisco ISR 3800 series features an‘Integrated Services Router’ that transforms it into a single, resilient system with industry-leading security. With a centralized management interface, it easily integrates a diverse set of functions of various devices on the platform, offering cost-effective solutions.


Integrated Support for Wireless Technologies

The Cisco 3800 series has a routing architecture with integrated services to deploy both wired and wireless services rapidly. The adaptive services easily integrate wireless technologies to help you expand your networking infrastructure. Build the right platform for data, voice, and other networking practices with Cisco 3800.


Ideal Solution for IP Telephony and Call Processing

A Cisco 3800 router offers the required scalability and services for centralized as well as distributed call processing. Moreover, it provides the desired capabilities for integrated IP telephony. It has faster data transfer rates and improved bandwidth scalability to ensure you can run your applications with better reliability.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Fastest Shipping and Delivery

Get fast shipping of your Cisco ISR 3800 series router all across India with ServerBasket. Once you place the order, we securely package and dispatch it for quick delivery. Moreover, our strong logistics network allows us the deliver to your doorstep in the least time possible. We do not charge you additionally for shipping services.

1 Year Warranty

Secure Warranty of 90 days

Get 90-days warranty coverage on a Cisco 3800 router only on ServerBasket. Under our warranty policy, we cover all repairs and replacements for free during this period. Hence, it helps you obtain a better return on investments on your purchase, giving you the required peace of mind.

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

Our IT professionals provide clients with immediate technical assistance around the clock. If you face any issues, you can get in touch with us through text or call. We instantaneously attend to your queries and provide remote support for smooth performance.

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