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HP 2.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 2.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 3.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 3.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP Server Caddy

Buy HP server caddy online from server basket for the best place in the market. All types and ranges of caddies available, 2.5” SAS SATA SSD hard drive tray caddy and 3.5” hard drive caddy for hp ProLiant servers of all generations and series. Caddies are built in a way, which can be installed easily with no particular issue. Once these are fixed on to the hard drives, it is even simpler to insert on to the HP servers. Order today and get special exciting offers, with free delivery services. We ship with proper packages with no defect guarantee. We provide 24/7 service support, in case any problem indulged anonymously immediately contact us, we will surely help you out.

Exceptional Performance:

HP server caddy shows substantial performances in data backups, file transfers, write/read options and boot times. The design of the caddy is so effective in nature which can easily be installed and these are preferably chosen to design for data centers and servers. On the whole, contributes great performance providing valuable data security features.

Form Factor:

The chassis of the HP server caddy is universal for SATA SDD HDD hard drives with the size of standard 2.5″ SFF / 3.5″ LFF drives. Very flexible and is built with metal usually aluminum. Can be installed n to the servers easily and quickly. Once installed on the hard drive it is so easy to be inserted on to the server.


Promised to have many security features such as erase secure and data refresh, and furtherly enhancing the data efficiency and the lifespan of the hard drive. With caddies, these will be more reliable than the traditional hard drives. HP server caddy are built with full disk encryption that can protect stored data from unauthorized users or access.

Instant Shipping:

Server Basket unanimously being trusted on the quality product delivery and for the faster delivery rates. We ship the ordered products with in the expected date of shipment. We produce you the genuine products with zero damage at your doorsteps. Don’t delay, order today because the offer may vary from time to time.

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