HP 2.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 2.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 3.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP 3.5 Inch SAS / SATA HDD Caddy

HP Server Caddy


Are you looking for cost-effective, high-quality HDD and SSD tray caddies for your HP Servers? Look no further! Shop at the ServerBasket online platform, where you can find a variety of durable HP server caddies at lower costs, designed to empower you with superior storage accessibility, serviceability, and dependability.An extensive collection of 2.5” and 3.5” caddy modules is available at our online store, compatible with servers from HP ProLiant, Apollo, Aletra, MSA, etc. families. Grab superior HP server caddies from ServerBasket at reasonable prices in India with a 90-day warranty assurance, free and rapid shipping, a hassle-free return policy, and free-of-charge remote installation help. Request a free demo now via call or live chat.

HP Server Caddy Price

SERVER TYPEPart NumbersCompatible ServersForm FactorPrice
HP 2.5 Hard Drive Blank Filler / Dummy666987-B21, 670033-001, 652991-001HP ProLiant BL420C Gen8, BL460C Gen8, BL460C Gen9, BL465C Gen8, 2.5 inch (SFF)
  • Rs. 420/-
HP 2.5 Inch SAS / SATA SSD Tray Caddy651687-001, 661914-001HP ProLiant Gen8, BL460C Gen9, BL460C , ML350p DL360e DL320e DL380e SL230s2.5 inch (SFF)
  • Rs. 1,200/-
HP 2.5 Inch SATA / SAS HDD Tray Caddy651687-001, 653955HP ProLiant HP G5 G6 and G7, BL420C Gen8, BL460C Gen8, BL460C Gen9, BL465C Gen8, 2.5 inch (SFF)
  • Rs. 1,200/-
HP 3.5 Hard Drive Blank Filler / Dummy652997-001, 652994-001, 675039-001HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8, DL160 Gen9, DL180 Gen9, DL320E ...3.5 Inch (LFF)
  • Rs. 420/-
HP 3.5 Inch SAS / SATA SSD Tray Caddy With Converter651314-001, 661914-001HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8, DL160 Gen9, DL180 Gen9, 3.5 Inch (LFF)
  • Rs. 1,799/-
HP 3.5 Inch SATA / SAS HDD Tray Caddy73P8007, 335536-001HP ProLiant BL420C Gen8, Gen8, BL460C Gen9,3.5 inch (LFF)
  • Rs. 1,200/-

A Wide Range of HP Server Caddies at ServerBasket

Visit ServerBasket.com to find SAS and SATA tray sleds with converters suitable for Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 servers from HP. These drive caddies enable easy drive management, making configuring storage profiles convenient with a simple ‘slide-in or slide-out’. 


Hot-Swappable Hard Drive Enclosures for Servers

Build a storage allowing easy addition, removal, or replacement without shutting down the server with hot-swappable drive enclosures from the SB store. These hard drive caddies offer reduced downtime, improved serviceability, and increased scalability, which are crucial for environments like DCs, enterprises, and cloud-based infrastructures where downtime costs a lot and is unacceptable.

Mount SAS or SATA, SFF or LFF Drives on Servers Securely

Shop HP server caddy to safely install SAS or SATA hard disks with smooth drive organization and management. Available for both SFF and LFF drives, the tray caddies aid thermal equilibrium, protection from drop or mishandling while insertion or removal, and optimum drive alignment, reducing possible hardware damage or data loss.

Protect Your Servers or Drives from Any Damage

Get a low-cost HP server caddy from ServerBasket to protect your server or hard drives from damage, assist with adequate airflow, and support the server’s barebone structure. Protect your storage drives against dust and dirt, shock and vibration absorption, electrostatic discharge, and heat dissipation with our store’s highly reliable HP server tray caddy. 


Built with High-quality Durable Material

HP server caddies are made of high-quality steel and aluminium for increased durability, longevity and efficiency. They safeguard your hard drives against overheating and vibration, promising optimal performance, stability, and security.


Easy Installation with Available Screws and Connectors

Purchase the quality-tested, simple-to-assemble HP server caddies from our store. The HP server tray sleds ship with the essential screws and connectors for a smooth deployment without having to buy additional hardware. Our tech support team guides you with successfully assembling and mounting drives remotely.


Guarantee of the Lowest Price

If you are looking for the hottest deals on caddies for HP server platforms,  explore the segment at the ServerBasket store. We guarantee that prices on tray sleds are way lower than other online marketplaces. 

Hassle-Free Returns

Return Within 7 Days

Our SB online store provides free, on-time delivery of caddies throughout India. A 7-day easy return policy on the product allows you to return the caddy within the period specified in the terms and conditions.

1 Year Warranty

Assured 90-day Warranty

ServerBasket offers a 90-day warranty on HP server caddies from the date of purchase. We are responsible for manufacturing defects and operational failures apart from troubleshooting guidance, repair, or replacement service.

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