Dell Server Accessories

Dell Server Accessories

Do you want your server to be the ultimate platform for your business operations and keep them going uninterrupted? For an effective functioning and optimal performance of a server, you need not only a good server but also server accessories of high quality. If you want your Dell server to deliver its best performance, Server Basket offers an extensive collection of all types of Dell server accessories with high specifications. Our wide range of accessories for Dell servers include – processors, hard disks, motherboards, heat sinks, network adapters, memory, RAID cards, power supplies and cables. These accessories are genuine, tested and verified fit for high performance. You can consider upgrading your server and expanding its capabilities anytime by getting these authentic accessories from us. You get to select the server spares that you need based on the server model and the part numbers. We guarantee that these parts are the best in quality and they also come with our free replacement warranty. We deliver your accessories to any location in the country and also offer free remote support for their setup and configuration.

All Types of Server Accessories Available

We sell all the accessories and upgrades that can be used to enhance a server’s performance or to scale up its capabilities. You may want to add more computing power for your server, additional storage options or more memory capacity. Or, you may need other accessories that are vital for the server infrastructure. Even different kinds of cables, switches, connectors, etc., are important for the smooth operations of a server. Whichever accessory you need for your server, we have it.

Choose Spares as Per Server Model

Our spares are authentic and originally manufactured by Dell. They are suitable for all Dell servers. However, some of the servers may need some specific parts for their specialized functions. You can choose whichever spares you need for your server based on its model also. Dell servers come in a variety of form factors, series and generations, so obviously, there is a huge variety of models available. We provide all accessories for all the models of Dell servers.

Upgrade your Server with Genuine Spares

Businesses and their environments keep changing continuously. Your business will evolve and grow too. And it will lead to an increase in the business demands for better server infrastructure also. You can easily upgrade the capabilities of the resources and components of your server by buying genuine Dell spares from us. These original spares will boost your Dell servers’ performance greatly by scaling up their capacities and functions.

Multiple Options for Memory Expansion

The memory of your server enables faster operations of your applications and allows you to multitask. You can upgrade or scale up your Dell server’s memory anytime as we supply multiple options for memory expansion. We have various memory capacities available for all kinds of memory slots that the Dell servers support, namely, Unbuffered Dual In-Line Memory Module (UDIMM), Registered DIMM, Load-Reduced DIMM, Non-Volatile DIMM and DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM). It can be DDR3 or DDR4 type with different speeds.

Speed up Server with Latest Processors

The speed and power of the processor is responsible for the overall computing power and performance of the server. So, for the efficient running of your server operations, it needs to have powerful processors. Get the latest power-packed and high-speed Intel Xeon processors from us and improve the speed and throughput of your Dell servers. We have Xeon processors available in different product families, versions and series. These processors provide a higher number of cores and ECC memory.

Affordable Drives for Increasing Storage

Servers need to store a lot of data that has to be accessed time and again. And they need to maintain data backups also. For these functions, servers rely on their storage capacity. We have HDDs and SSDs in SATA and SAS interfaces available in multiple capacities at affordable prices. You can choose the capacities and number of drives you need. Buy cost-effective storage drives from us and increase the storage of your Dell servers easily.

Reliable Raid Cards for Data Backups

Data backups are as important as data storage is. For backups, you need to have additional storage capacity in your server. A RAID card can be of great help here as it can provide data redundancy on HDD and SSD so that they work together to enhance the system’s performance. We have both types of RAID cards in-stock hardware as well as software on different levels. RAID cards are a reliable option for data backups.

Wide Range of Ethernet Cards & Power Supplies

At Server Basket, you will get a wide range of ethernet cards and power supplies, both being an absolute necessity for your server infrastructure. A server needs to have strong network connectivity and power availability to deliver its best performance. We supply high-quality Dell network cards and power supplies in multiple options. Choose the best one for your server and realize its potential to the fullest.

Multilevel Tested Accessories with Part Numbers

We offer both new and refurbished accessories from the trusted brand Dell. You can select the accessories that you need based on part numbers also; we have them listed on our website. All our refurbished parts are inspected and thoroughly tested at multiple levels, and only then they are put up for sale. Rest assured that we never compromise on the quality of our products, and you will always get only the best Dell accessories from us.

All Covered Under Free Replacement Warranty

All the Dell server accessories in our stock are covered under the free replacement warranty. Our goal is to provide our customers with only genuine products that are the best in quality and performance. That’s why we provide an assured replacement warranty under which you can claim for free replacement of any faulty or damaged accessory within the specified duration. The continuity of your business operations is our top priority.

Free Remote Installation Assistance

Whichever server accessory you buy from our listed products, it comes with detailed but easy to follow manuals and instructions for installation of the spare part. But we take it on us as a responsibility that the component of your server is installed and configured successfully and is ready instantly to carry on your workload. We provide free remote installation assistance; contact, or team via phone, chat or WhatsApp in case you face difficulty in the installation process.

Quick Delivery to Any Location in India

No matter where in India you are located, we deliver our products everywhere. We make fast and safe deliveries of your server spares within two to three business days of your completing the order with us. We can reach all over India as we have associations with the top shipping companies in different places in the country. We ensure that you get your server accessories without any damage or delay so that your business continues uninterrupted.

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