Refurbished HP SAS HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

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Refurb HP SAS Hard Disk Drives For Lowest Price in India

The refurbished HP internal SAS hard disk drives are lighter weight drives that give many benefits for your HP servers that include better performance, reliability, and also better scalability. Purchase the refurbished HP internal SAS hard drives from Server basket for the best buy price and even get assured 90 Days warranty, prompt technical support along with secured and fastest shipping across India.

Completely Tested for Performance:

All the HP SAS hard drives offered by Server Basket deliver excellent performance as equal to the brand new ones. The Refurb HP internal SAS hard disk drives undergo multiple levels of testing and are quality checked for their performance.

HP Certified SAS HDD:

All the refurbished HP internal SAS Hard disk drives available at Server basket are 100% quality tested and certified. We do not want to fraud buyers by selling bad quality products as we concern a lot about our customers and they are our utmost priority. Thus, we only sell the best quality ones and check a number of times before any refurb hard drive is up for sale.

Reliable Hard Drives:

The HP SAS hard drives show best reliable nature as they work on a maximum operating temperature of 60 degree Celsius, and has end-to-end internal data integrity checks. It uses a 528-byte sector and allows the I/O controller and the bad sector recovery is typically up to 7-15 seconds timeout session only.

Full Range of HP SAS Available:

At Server basket, you can find a wide variety of HP SAS HDDs ranging from enterprise model to midline, from 1TB to up to 10TB capacity and 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. From this vast collection, purchase the right HP SAS hard drive that is compatible with your server and business needs.

Prompt Tech Support:

Technical support is very important as you may not know all the technicalities and thus need help when encountered with an issue. We at Server basket provide 24/7 technical support, and you can contact for the support via phone call, texts or email. Our support team will respond and resolve the issue in no given time.

Best in market Price:

We are offering you the best price for best HP server hard drives compared to any other online store in the market. We provide you the HP server internal SAS hard drives for cheap price. There is no fault or fraud in the price that we offer nor the product we sell. Server basket is best known for its discounted prices.

Quick & Secure Shipping:

We deliver your HP SAS hard disk drives to any location India, i.e., to every corner of the cities like Chennai, Noida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, etc. Your package will be shipped as soon as the order is confirmed. Server basket is responsible for delivering your package safe and securely at your location. Any inconvenience that occurred during the shipping process is duly in charge of the Server basket.

SB Assured Warranty:

The HP SAS hard drives comes with a warranty cover of 90 days. Server basket provides the replacement of the hard drives and performs the repair in case of failure or damages. You can claim for this assured warranty service by contacting us as soon as the issues are raised and benefit faster services. Server basket cares for their customer’s the most and this warranty period shows that we are always up for customer’s satisfaction.

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