Refurbished Seagate SAS HDD

  • Seagate 2TB 7.2K 3.5″ HDD For Dell & HP Servers

    • Seagate 2TB 7.2K SAS HDD
    • Storage Space: 2000GB
    • Form Factor : 3.5″ LFF Hard Drive
    • Interface : SAS Hard Drive
    • External Transfer Rate: 6Gbps
    • Spindle Speed: 7.2K RPM
    • Free Installation Support
    • 100% Trusted & Certified Hard Drive
    • Swift Shipping All Over India
    • 90 Days Warranty
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges Based on location

    Buy Seagate 2TB 7.2K SAS 3.5” HDD At Best Price in India Online, Get Seagate 2TB Hard Disk to Add More Space in your Servers like Dell PowerEdge R820, R720, R810, R920, Etc

     3,000.00 3,300.00

Refurbished Seagate SAS HDDSAS HDDs from Seagate are some of the most efficient and sought-after drives in the market. Packed with a load of unbeatable features, these drives provide a large variety in options to satisfy the needs of every scale of business. This diversity in features is combined with the exceptional affordability of these refurbished Seagate SAS HDD, which make it an irresistible and worthy purchase. Purchase these hard disk drives from Server Basket to avail them at the lowest prices in the market. We sell these SAS HDDs at the most competitive prices with the assurance of highest quality.

Thoroughly Tested Hard Drives:

Seagate recertified SAS hard disk drives are thoroughly tested. The HDDs being sold at Server Basket are put through multiple levels of testing and deployment. The end result is that the Seagate SAS HDD you’re about to purchase has been deemed to function with 100% efficiency from our qualified and well-experienced technicians. Seagate refurbished hard disk reliability is one of the best in the market. What this means for you is not only just hassle-free operations, but is also extremely durable for the long-run.

Suitable for All Servers:

Seagate provides SAS HDDs for most companies like Dell, HP and more. As original manufacturers, Seagate HDDs are certified by other companies to show that it is suitable for their brand of servers. As parent manufacturers, Seagate manufacturers are extremely diverse and they are suitable for all server brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Cisco and more. By purchasing a Seagate SAS HDD, you can be absolutely sure that no matter which brand of servers you use at your office, these drives are fully compatible.

All Variety Available:

At Server Basket, you will find the full range of Seagate SAS drives. These drives come with a wide palette of features and ranges. This includes form factors which can be either 2.5” or 3.5”, storage capacity which can range from as little as 300GB to as huge at 20TB. You can use these refurbished hard drives as NAS drives too. These drives can be either hot-swap or non-hot-swap, and clock speeds can vary from 7200RPM to as fast as 15K RPM. Our sales guidance team is ready to help you pick the best SAS drives for your organization. Just tell us your needs and we will guide you towards the best choice.

Faster Than SATA:

It is widely accepted that SAS drives are faster and more efficient than SATA drives. While SATA drives are built to largely support huge storages, SAS drives are a lot more functional packing both speed and storage capacity. This versatility is largely down to its composition, which boasts of rotational vibration tolerance of 21 rads/sec as opposed to SATA which has between 5 to 12 rads/sec, full duplex operation, a higher RPM and tighter run-out than SATA, and performance optimization features. These features combine to create SAS a more superior choice to SATA.

Free Installation Support:

Server basket provides free installation support for the Seagate SAS server drives. This free installation support helps you to not just avoid the extra costs incurred by hiring a private technician, but will also make you absolutely certain that the drives are perfectly installed. Providing this as a free service just goes to show much we value you as our customer.

90 Days warranty:

Server Basket provides a free 90 days warranty over the SAS HDDs from Seagate. During this period, any problems that you face with your Seagate refurbished internal hard disk drive will be comprehensively cleared by us. We are ready to attend to any malfunctioning, no matter how trivial it may seem to you. We will even go as far as replacing the entire drive for your smooth experience.

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