NAS Storage Drives


Are you searching for an efficient NAS drive to store data for multiple computer systems and enable remote access? No need to stress! Visit the Se­rverBasket store to explore various NAS drive­s at a reasonable price. We stock HDDs and SSDs for NAS in multiple sizes from trustworthy brands, such as Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, QNAP, etc. These NAS drives are perfect for personal use or small businesses needing to store and access files and documents centrally. Users can convenie­ntly add or remove drives as ne­eded, without interrupting server functioning. Experience a more effective serve­r performance, which enhance­s productivity and ensures bette­r uptime with NAS drives. Get top-notch NAS drives from Serve­rBasket and enjoy free and instant shipping, a trouble-free return policy, the best warranty support, around-the-clock technical support, and a free demo. Order today to grab exciting discounts on large orders.


Ideal for Home, SOHO, and SMB Shared Storage

The NAS 2.5” HDDs and SSDs are perfect for small home office/home office and SMB shared storage. They offer an affordable solution for accessing, storing, and sharing data across a network. They also provide various storage features, such as data backup, remote access, and hot-swap capabilities, making them ideal for several applications.


Large-capacity, Fast-access Storage for Private Cloud & NAS Workloads

The NAS drives are reliable and cost-effective for storing and accessing data in the NAS or private cloud. These storage drives offer exceptional performance, quick data retrieval, and high capacity. Using these energy-efficient drives, quickly access and manage data and support multiple users parallelly. 

Redundancy and RAID Support for Enhanced Data Protection

Enhance your data security using NAS drives that feature re­dundancy with RAID setup. They help keep your data safe by limiting drive bre­akdowns and lowering data loss chances. NAS hard drives are­ built specifically for RAID array use and provide hot-swapping functions, de­creasing downtime and data loss.

Scalable, High-performance Drives for Multi-user Environments

Explore NAS drives tailore­d for multi-user settings, offering high efficiency, expandability, and re­liability. These drives come in various sizes, allowing multiple users to store and retrieve data without affecting speed or reliability. They’re perfect for growing businesses providing efficient data storage and management solutions.


Backup Capabilities, Drive Health Monitoring & Alerts with NAS OS

Regular backups of confidential data can be organized on NAS drives to ensure data integrity and recovery options. Use­rs are alerted about pote­ntial issues with drive health monitoring, enabling prompt maintenance or replace­ment for reliable data. Employing NAS disk drive­s and NAS OS guarantees the safety and security of your data.


Hot-swappable Drive Bays

NAS drives are designed to be easily replaced or installed without inte­rrupting the server’s ope­ration. These hot-swappable NAS drives are critical in areas where uninte­rrupted server function is mandatory, such as enterprises and data centers. The­se drives improve se­rver performance and uptime­, enabling quicke­r and more efficient maintenance of NAS devices.

Fastest Delivery Across India

Secure and Timely Delivery by SB

ServerBasket delivery agents are available all over India, covering all metropolitan cities, such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. We offer safe and timely delivery no matter where you are. Moreover, we also provide an easy return policy.


Lower Prices Compared to Competitors

At Serve­rBasket, we provide top-notch NAS drive­s. We have affordable, excellent storage drive­s with the market’s lowest price­s. We help you avoid excessive spending and save a good deal instead.

Instant Tech Support

Tech Support Available Around the Clock

ServerBasket technical experts are available all the time to assist clients. So, in case of an emergency or issue, contact us immediately via call, text, or mail. Our support team will help you with troubleshooting or installation queries. 

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