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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Are you looking for a storage solution to store data in a centrally accessible location? FreeNAS servers are the ideal choice, with inbuilt networking protocols providing storage access to many operating systems. FreeNAS has open-source attributes, which makes it a powerful and feature-rich storage option. You can easily configure it to create a professional-grade storage system for various workloads. Also known as TrueNAS, it offers unparalleled capabilities, including high availability, scalability, storage optimization, increased data efficiency, security, and more. ServerBasket provides the best discounts on these storage solutions supporting NVMe, SSD, and SAS storage. Get ultra-fast shipping, 24/7 technical and installation assistance, and warranty coverage as added benefits. We also offer you pre-sales assistance to make the right choice for your storage infrastructure. Contact us now!


Flexible, Unified NAS Systems with Centralized Data Access

Integrate NAS storage systems in your data centers for dynamic, flexible, and upgradeable NVMe, SAS, and SSD storage. Moreover, the NAS system facilitates centralized data storage and access. You can configure and permit data access across the network in a secure, trustworthy manner. Thus, only authorized network users and clients can retrieve or store data.


Robust ZFS Base for Data Storage, Protection, and Backup

For better fault tolerance, get high-end FreeNAS storage with a ZettaByte File System base. The ZFS base ensures easy administration and scalability using clones, snapshots, RAID-Z protection, and scrubbing features. ZFS data management has replication capabilities to avoid data loss.

File, Block, Application, and Object Storage Services

You can configure your FreeNAS storage to store and share data based on your end-use cases. Choose between application, block, file, and object storage services for various applications while ensuring easy restoration. It also supports archive, hybrid, all-flash, and open ZFS storage.

Flexibility to Install FreeNAS on Chosen Hardware

Exercise optimal control over your FreeNAS server storage configuration. Install FreeNAS/TrueNAS CORE on the hardware of your choice. You can choose between enterprise, professional, and consumer-grade hardware for installing FreeNAS. Thus, you can build a dynamic infrastructure for your storage needs.


Encryption Option on ZFS Volumes

Easily encrypt the ZFS base of your NAS storage. The ZFS volumes activate a full-volume encryption feature during volume creation. Leverage industry-standard AES-XTS encryption, which supports hardware acceleration if your processor has AES-NI capabilities. The system administrator transparently encrypts data to keep your data thoroughly secure.


Simplified Administrative Tasks with a Web User Interface

The FreeNAS storage has a centralized web user interface to simplify administrative tasks. It offers better visibility into resource availability for better allocation. Get better control over a broad user base with this web user interface. You can manage every aspect of your FreeNAS system using it.


Swift Shipping and Delivery

Get ultra-fast delivery of FreeNAS storage with ServerBasket to your doorstep. Place your order securely and make payments through the desired channel. After that, we immediately ship it for quick delivery to your location.


Assured Warranty Cover

Get assured warranty coverage on FreeNAS storage systems with ServerBasket. We provide a manufacturer/seller guarantee on the product as applicable. Within this period, we cover repairs and replacements as required.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Setup and Technical Support

We provide you with various IT services based on the product features. We help you create data volumes, ensure thin/thick provisioning, vCenter Plugins, SAN incident management, and more, according to your requirements.

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