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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Does your enterprise or data center applications need an all-flash, hybrid flash, or scale-out storage option in addition to large capacity and enhanced data protection? Huawei brings you industry-leading storage, ideal for enterprises, corporations, and data centers. Server Basket offers Huawei storage servers for sale to help you build the perfect storage infrastructure for data-intensive workloads and applications and effective data management. We have high computational storage solutions that fit the demands of HPC and HCI with All-flash, Huawei Smart Disk Enclosure, and Scale-out storage choices or cost-effective storage alternatives with Hybrid and Tape storage solutions. Huawei storage servers deliver exceptional performance, scalability, dependability, and cutting-edge features and capabilities, including NAS, SAN, or SSD, to meet various computing needs. If unsure, check out some of Huawei’s standout features below, or call us for more information.


Several Huawei Storage Models for Centralized Data Storage

Powerful Huawei Storage Solutions offer high performance, enabling the delivery of services with operational agility. They help to establish a data-centric infrastructure with a range of high-end storage series, such as Huawei’s OceanStor Unified Storage, OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage, OceanStor Dorado Hybrid Storage, OceanStor 9000 Scale-Out NAS, OceanStor TApe Storage, etc, in several models. 


Effective Management with Embedded SAN Zoning Feature

Being a top supplier worldwide, we supply an extensive selection of Huawei Storage Solutions with built-in SAN zoning. Its FC SAN and IP SAN solutions, which offer dependable, high-performance, low-latency connections for block-level storage and are interoperable with a various storage arrays, are designed to satisfy the demands of business management efficiently. 

Advanced Data Protection and Snapshot Features

Our professionally tested Huawei Storage Servers are a ransomware protection solution that offers end-to-end data encryption, WORM and secure snapshot, and Air Gap-like advanced technologies to ensure high security and availability of data copies, regardless of whether your company is growing or you need more processing power for a particular project.

Ensured Availability of Resources for Core Services

Considering the increasing availability of storage servers, purchasing a Huawei Storage Server with SB guarantees resources for essential files and services for all departments. We assure you that using Huawei computational storage for your company will meet stringent performance and reliability standards and be an inventive strategy to converge resources.


Improved Backup Capacity with Active Data Duplication

Files are valuable assets for businesses; thus, it is necessary to prevent data loss while maintaining continual access. Robust data protection, disaster recovery, and backup measures are built into the server’s architecture. Huawei uses deduplication, replication, and snapshots to minimize downtime during a disaster.


Streamline Operation and Maintenance Tasks

Using the newest technologies, we believe needing to sustain operations and uphold industry-leading responsibilities will make Huawei Storage Servers at SB perfect. Server administration is made simpler by these solutions’ extensive management and monitoring features. These technologies guarantee effective server operation by streamlining maintenance and optimizing resource utilization.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Rapid Shipping and Simple Return Policy

The product can be delivered to your home at no cost if you purchase a highly customized Huawei Storage Server from SB online. You’re welcome to return any unsatisfied items, as we are one of the top service providers.


Warranty Support

Our goods, including the Huawei Storage Server, have safe and secure warranty support. If something breaks or malfunctions, Server Basket will provide you with a satisfactory repair and a timely remedy.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Non-stop Technical Assistance

When you buy a Huawei Storage Server from us, you can benefit from our round-the-clock experienced technical assistance. We will provide a quick fix accessible 24/7 to help you with Access restrictions, Data replication, iSCSI integration, secure boot, etc.

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