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Revenue sharing partners serverbasket

The Revenue sharing partner will work with the on case to case basic.

  • The partner need to provide shared sales force.

  • The partner will work on upcoming & exciting requirements.

  • The Commercial Calculator will give to the Partner.

  • The partner will get his margin of 10% to 15% from the billing.

  • Partner will get their revenue with 48 hrs From the payment Received

  • The payment will be quarterly advance only.

  • Server basket will share the Database on weekly basics.

  • Sales person will get trained and motivated from us.

  • Will share the spl incentive plan for their sales force ( If require)

  • We offer 5 days free POC for all the end customer.

  • 24/7 infrastructure support.

  • Partner certification with both of our logo.

  • Partner need to sign an agreement with us.

  • The agreement will valid for 12 months in a year.

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