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Dedicated Servers With DR

 7,999.00 8,800.00 (-9%)

  • Dedicated Servers with DR
  • Ready for DR Servers
  • Minute To Minute Backups
  • 100% Up-time Solution
  • Safe from Ransomware
  • Special Solution for E-commerce
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Best in Class Services
  • Exclusive of Taxes

We provide Dedicated servers with DR in and around India with 100% server up-time, fully managed services, bulletproof security and 24/7 technical support

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Pricing Options For Low Cost Dedicated Servers With DR:

Core6 core6 core6 core8 core8 core
SSD2X480 GB SSD Raid-12X480 GB SSD Raid-12X800 GB SSD Raid-12X800 GB SSD Raid-12X800 GB SSD Raid-1
Price/MonthRs. 7,999/-Rs. 8,499/-Rs. 11,499/-Rs. 12,499/-Rs. 12,999/-
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SBINDDS-1Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)64GB4x800GB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 14,499/-
SBINDDS-2Intel Xeon E5-2696 V2(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)128GB2x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 19,999/-
SBINDDS-3Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)128GB2x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 24,999/-

High End Dedicated Servers With DR Plans & Price List:

SBINDDS-4Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)256GB3x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 29,999/-
SBINDDS-5Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)384GB3x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 34,999/-
SBINDDS-6Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V2 CPU(12 Core/24 Threads/ 2.7 Ghz)512GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 39,999/-
SBINDDS-7Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V3 CPU(18 Core/36 Threads/ 3.0 Ghz)256GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 40,999/-
SBINDDS-8Intel Dual Xeon E5-2696 V3 CPU(18 Core/36 Threads/ 3.0 Ghz)384GB4x2TB SSD Raid-5UnlimitedRs. 44,999/-

Why Should Everyone Have Dedicated Servers with DR?

Secured data is important for any business to run and the loss of the data of any business effect on its working. Also for business to run successfully 100% uptime is necessary, and it should have the ability to recover any failures of disaster calamities. Dedicated servers with Disaster Recovery from Server Basket provide you 100% uptime, time to time backups, and security to your data as your data will be stored in multiple Indian data centers. If any attacks occur such as ransomware, we can easily recover your data without any issues. In such cases, we will secure your data by storing it in multiple locations so that if one place gets affected, you can run your website/ applications using your data secured in another data center.

Dedicated Servers With DR

Server Basket provides dedicated servers with DR for free. You might recover your data in case of any physical or hardware failures, but when your server is facing disastrous situations such as natural calamities, cyber attack, electric failure etc. it is not possible to either access or recover your data instantly, and thus leading your company in a big loss. Therefore, dedicated server with DR provided by Server Basket will help you secure your data from time to time, have regular backups, data will be secured in multiple data center locations in India resulting in 100% uptime.

Ready For DR Servers

If you are hosting your dedicated server at other hosting services and looking for just Disaster recovery backup solution, then Server Basket is ready to provide that service too without any issue. We provide DR plans to our customers and also to dedicated servers hosted by other service providers. We know that data loss for any company would be unimaginable. Therefore, avail this service from Server Basket at the lowest investment and secure your data by availing data backups from us.

Minute To Minute Backups

Data is undoubtedly a very important factor for any business, for example, an e-commerce site running successfully in the market and has more than 10,000 users; it has to hold all the details of the customers, the bank details, personal details, etc. During a transaction or payment of a huge amount, when the server gets crashed or attacked with malicious viruses, having no proper backups will put down the company into huge losses. Dedicated server with DR allows you to have minute-to-minute backups in any situation to cope up the business standards and to maintain data redundancy.

100% Uptime Solution

When an unexpected, unfortunate event happens and results in day-to-day operations freeze, the company needs to recover from the disaster as quickly as possible and get back to providing services to its clients without causing any downtime. Disaster Recovery plan is just the right thing to rely on such situations. As per the government initiation, it is encouraged that all the Indian data must be stored in Indian data centers, i.e. data localization, therefore you can access dedicated server with DR at multiple locations in India with less investment and more security. With this, you get 100% uptime as the data will be accessed from the data center available to the nearest location. Therefore, with DR one could live up to 100% uptime in any situations.

Safe From Ransomware Attack

Ransomware will not only corrupt your data on a server, they corrupt data on your backup servers as well. Everything has changed since ransomware is out on the market. Ransomware holds your data hostage and can force you to pay a huge amount to recover the precious data. No solution is obtained till date for ransomware attack. Once the server is attacked, there is no option to recover the data. To tackle this problem, take precaution by opting for a dedicated server with DR, as you can secure your data in multiple locations. Even if one server gets corrupted, you can get access to your data from the other data center.

Special Solution For Ecommerce Website

An e-commerce website has to store huge amount of data, and cannot tolerate downtime and data loss. We at Server Basket provide DR solutions especially for e-commerce websites as they have to deal with huge data that is crucial to the website. We provide minute to minute backups, Safeguard hardware, software and other assets in the event of any disaster, and we secure your data at multiple locations in Indian data centers. You can reach us to know more about our special e-commerce solutions for Data Recovery.

24/7 Windows Linux Server DR Expert Support

Server Basket has experts who can provide solutions for any Windows/Linux dedicated servers with DR. Some of our support solutions include database configuration (MSSQL, MYSQL), ASP.NET, PHP, security issues, backup issues and many such solutions. Our support team is very experienced and known for its best on-time support with zero failure record.

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Type of OS

VM Ware, Windows, Linux


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 24TB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Managed Dedicated Server

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What is the new in dedicated server ?

In this dedicated server, we have a disaster recovery(DR). With this DR your data will be safe

If i lose my data how much time taken to restore ?

Using disaster recovery(DR) we will store your data in very less time in your dedicated servers.

What type of security do you offer ?

We will provide industry best security features like DDoS protection, encryption software, firewalls, and antivirus software for your dedicated servers.

Is there any extra charge for dedicated server with DR maintenance ?

No, There is no extra charge for maintenance of dedicated server with DR.

What is the fully manage dedicated server with DR ?

Yes, We will manage your dedicated server completely without any hassle.

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